Thursday, May 5, 2011

A great visit, a great few days

My friends Deb and Sharon and Riley and Taleah have gone home.
We had a great time.

We saw kingfishers and cormorants, otters and eagles, osprey and oystercatchers and starfish and swans.

Starfish on Crofton Beach
Photo by Deb Strong, used with permission

We enjoyed all the bright colours of tulips and apple blossoms and primroses and pansies and blue sky and blue-green bays and the beautiful green of new growth on trees.

Tulips at Genoa Bay marina

We laughed and we talked and we ate and we walked and we drank and we snoozed and we toured and we just breathed in the wonderful sea air and gazed at the water.

Sharon and Taleah at Maple Bay
Photo by Deb Strong, used with permission

And the dogs walked and barked and played and snoozed and traded beds and cuddled, then walked and barked and snoozed some more.



Riley and Sadie
Photo by Deb Strong, used with permission

And of course, we took pictures. Hundreds of pictures.

Float home with Canoe, Genoa bay

These are just a few teasers. More will follow in the next few days.

Thanks for coming, my friends. Come back again soon!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean, and Charley and Sadie, for your warm welcome and hospitality!

We loved Crofton. We loved Osborne Bay. We loved our day trip on sunny and warm Wednesday, where you took us to many wonderful places, Jean.

We left happy and tired, full of good conversation and companionship, food, drink, and most of all - memories of a good time with friends.

Thank you Jean for everything, we will be back soon!

Sharon and Taleah

Patience Renzulli said...

What a lovely post. (I'm always saying that on your blog!) I could feel the laughter and warmth. Make me miss my good friends.