Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a great community!

They came with trucks and they came on foot. They came with carts and they came with bags, with kids and dogs and grandma too. And they came with cash.
Lots of cash.

They crowded the gate waiting for us to open – not just Saturday, but Sunday too. The annual Cowichan and District SPCA garage sale is a local legend, and no one, no one wants to miss it!

They wandered the booths looking for treasures,

and they chowed down on burgers and hotdogs and muffins and water and pop.

They shopped for books and clothes, kitchenware and tools, sports equipment, pet stuff, craft supplies and Christmas things. For movies and music, for linen and shoes and purses, for fine china and furniture and jewelry and toys and puzzles. For foot baths and fans, for candles and vases and lawnmowers and pots of flowers and even for trees. I’m not sure that we had a kitchen sink for sale, but we certainly had everything else.

And they kept on coming.

And they kept on shopping.

And by the end of Sunday, there wasn’t much left except some very weary volunteers.

And a lot of cash left behind by shoppers. Over $22,000. Yes, you read that right: over $22,000. All for the animals at Cowichan and District SPCA.

It's a great community effort - from the supporters who donated the goods, and the merchants and organizations who provided food and tents and flowers and tables and advertising, to the volunteers who pulled it together and of course the shoppers who came to buy, buy, buy. Truly a community success story.

I’m still exhausted and there were others who worked much harder – and much longer – than I did, so I can only imagine how they feel!

But I'd say it was all worth it. And I'm sure the animals think so too.


EvenSong said...

$22,000!! Yowsa!
Congratulations to everyone for a job well-done!

Jen said...

That's amazing!! Well done SPCA!!!! Well done Jean for your part in it too!! :) I love it when people come out to support a good cause like this!

Jen and the Black Dog Crewr

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on emails /blogs while in Winnipeg and read the one about Sam being the best house guest you ever had with apologies to me. Sure hope he knows how to make a buffet meal the next time you host your writer's group meeting and Big Sis is visiting.

Signed Big Sis

Jean said...

Ha ha, you got me there Big Sis. Sam doesn't know how to cook. He is pretty good as cleaning up the leftovers and doing the dishes though!

Anonymous said...

Awesome community support for your SPCA!

Thanks again Jean for all you do for your local animal shelter.


georgia little pea said...

That's a very tidy sum! Well done!

Hope Sadie is doing well? xox

King said...

That's fabulous Jean! I've been waiting to see your results. When I looked at the items that were for sale I really felt sorry for myself again for living so far away from these types of events. It's so nice when people like yourself share AND add pictures!! Congrats on a job well done!!

Anonymous said...

That is excellent news, Jean! What a wonderful, supportive community. It's nice when the hard work of volunteeers pays off so well.

And how is Sadie? I'm sure everyone's anxious to know if she's OK.

Deb S.