Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sort of back....

A wonderful computer guru was able to clean out the malware, which was particularly vicious , and retrieve my files. I can now access email and internet, but there are still some problems - primarily with opening word documents and with uploading photos from the camera.

I cannot fathom what drives people to develop and circulate malware - such a mindset is evil, pure evil. I must confess to entertaining the notion of a conspiracy - software companies, particularly those producing the types of programs that are SUPPOSED to block things, obviously benefit. I envision some money-grubbing corporate executive busily slipping huge wads of cash under the table to some evil-minded, immoral computer geek who is now filthy rich from continually producing malware and viruses and worms to infiltrate and defeat the latest version of firewall, virus protector, or whatever. May karma bite them in the butt - hard!

Since I'm having problems with the photo program, I can't show you the amazing sea life we've been observing in the bay recently - ospreys, river otters with kits, seals, and....though I didn't see it....even a grey whale yesterday morning!

Nor can I show you Sam, who is staying with me for a month while his folks travel overseas for the birth of their grandchild. Sam is, of course, a dog - I don't do kids! Sam is the most amazing SEVENTEEN year old border collie cross I have ever met - he has more energy than Charley, Sadie, Allie and me put together!

Nor can I show you the first ripe strawberry which I picked from my patio strawberry pot this morning. But I will tell you it was delicious!

And I still have photos from Deb and Sharon's fabulous visit to share.

But that shall all have to wait for another day or two. Stay tuned.

A pox on malware developers everywhere!

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