Sunday, May 23, 2010

A vote for the future

The Cowichan Valley SPCA, where I volunteer, is one of 24 finalists in the Sun FM (89.7 FM) radio SuperGive contest. The winner of this contest will receive $25,000 of free media advertising, and the station will raise another $25,000 in pledges for the winning charity. Please vote by going to the radio's website (click here)- you will need to scroll down the list of finalists until you find BC SPCA and click on that entry to cast your vote.

Why vote for us? Well, a few days ago I wrote and recorded at the station a little blurb in answer to that question. If you listen to Sun FM (89.7) this week, you will hear these words:

Last year the Cowichan Valley SPCA took in over 600 unwanted, neglected and abused animals. We want to reduce those numbers by reaching out to youth – the next generation of pet owners.

We dream of a place where young people of all cultures can learn about animals – the Cowichan Valley’s first Humane Education Centre. We are currently restoring a trailer for this purpose, but there is much to be done to make this a safe and creative space for children and animals. Developing outdoor space for the animals is also part of our dream.

The SPCA believes teaching children to treat all animals with compassion, respect and responsibility will lead to a better society. Children who abuse animals are five times more likely to abuse people too. Children who are taught kindness to animals also become more considerate in their dealings with others. As Bradley Miller once wrote “Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.”

A vote for the Cowichan Valley SPCA is a vote for the animals, a vote for the kids, and a vote for our future.

Please vote for us today.


turtlegardens said...

I voted yesterday! Since I have a Victoria address now!What a great idea! Gives me some thinking for when I go home !! Yvette and Jillian

Jean said...

Thanks Yvette - you raise a point regarding the "Victoria address" - I'm not able to find any contest rules about who is eligible to vote, but it appears some votes are rejected if you live too far away to be considered part of the "listening audience". So....some of my far away readers may find they are unable to register their vote. But please try, and pass on the link to all your friends and relatives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, I voted, and they accepted my vote. Keep up the good work for all the animals at the SPCA and others critters; lost dog(s).You are a wonderful person!

Lou, Abbotsford

Sheryl said...

It accepted my vote, but because it requires a postal code, I wonder if they will use that for screening votes after the fact.