Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Or whatever it is you do to send positive energy......A logger in Copper Canyon has sighted a black shepherd (he could not see the legs well enough to count them but said it was definitely a black shepherd). He was in an area closed off for logging, but the loggers have kindly taken Karen in there and will pick her up on their way back out this afternoon. It is in the area directly above Chemainus Lake (which would be the area between the logging road where he was lost and Panorama Ridge where we had a sighting once before).

Those of us who don't have access to the logging area can be checking out Chemainus Lake Park, the trail from the south end of Panorama Ridge, and any other accessible places in the general locale.

Please, please, please let this be him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, I hope today is Karen and Norm's lucky day, they will get Luger back. Any animal that is part of anyone's life becomes part of the family. I hope they get their family member back.

Lou, Abbotsford

Black Jack's Carol said...

Thanks for the update, Jean. Every ounce of will that I have is willing this to be Luger!

turtlegardens said...

Thinking, praying for Luger here in Victoria. Please let today be the day! Yvette and Jillian

Anonymous said...

I have some time today. I will grab Archie and a book. Park my van and hope Luger catches the scent and shows himself.