Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A woman emailed to say she is sure it was him - ran across Osborne Bay Rd, on the Duncan Side of Maple Mountain Park, when she was on her way home last night.
THIS IS A VERY HOPEFUL SIGN - he is in familiar territory and getting very close to home. He has hiked around these areas many times.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS NOW to hike (and poster) the trails on Maple Mtn, the Escarpment to Duncan, the powerlines to Duncan, the Crofton Lake trails, and all areas between Maple Mtn on the east, Crofton on the north, Herd Rd on the south, and Hwy 1 on the west (and especially the escarpment/Richards Rd area!).

If anyone here knows where I live, I have left some posters in my mail box and at the SPCA (which is also in the general area of his travels).


EvenSong said...

Get yourself HOME! Mr. Luger!! NOW!!
(Sounds like he's almost there! Thoughts and prayers continuing to be sent your way.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, I hope Luger finds his way home.

Lou, Abbotsford

Jim C said...

If Misty could do it so can Luger. Get home Luger! Best wishes from the mainland.

Del said...

Yes Jim! You totally read our mind.
You're almost back with your mom Luger boy. Stay safe on the last leg of your journey.
We know you'll make it!
Big Hugs

Karen said...

May Luger be safely guided homeward. Positive thoughts coming from the Cariboo.