Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One still lost, but two more found

So far we have not found Luger, but in our search today we found two other dogs! They were travelling together - a sweet little pointer-cross girl who was so skinny her ribs stood out in stark relief and she looked like an underfed whippet; and her sidekick, a very scared Aussie-sheltie cross. He was also very thin under his long fur. Both had collars but none had tags. As I drove them to the shelter, the little pointer wiggled up to the space between my front seats and lay her chin on my knee, looking at me imploringly the whole time. And by the time I reached the shelter, the scared little boy dog had crept forward from the back of my van and was softly licking my elbow.

There were no lost posters about them. They have not been reported to the SPCA or Animal Control - at least, not the ones around here. There are no lost postings in the local papers. They've either travelled a long way or have owners who don't care about them. Both are safe and warm in the shelter tonight.

These two, however, were further south than the sighting, and they were much, much smaller than a shepherd, so it was not a case of mistaken identity. While hiking some trails near Panorama Ridge, I ran into the man who had phoned in the report. He had been clearing ground for roadbeds to the northwest when the shepherd darted out across the rough pathway right in front of his machine. It was a shepherd for sure, though he thought its fur a bit lighter than the photos of Luger. But nearly four weeks of malnourishment and trauma can cause hair/fur to turn white and so it could have been Luger. The search continues.


Anonymous said...

Luger may also have picked up a good layer of road dust which will make his coat look lighter.
If he stays in the area hopefully we will be able to find him or him us if we park the van and wait in one spot.


Janice Gillett said...

Oh thank you for being out there Jean!!!!!!!!! Now we need someone to do the same for Lugar!

Its too bad a barbecue couldn't be set up to attract this hungrey boy. But i guess this would also attract all the meat eaters out there. ;o((

Jean said...

Ha ha - Janice, not a bad idea!!! But give the number of bears and cougars around right now, I don't think I'd want to be the one waving grilled burgers around!

We have now had THREE reports of a large dark dog in that area. Karen and Else are going to park themselves there as much as possible this weekend.

browneyedkat6965 said...

WE have our fingers and paws crossed for Luger and his family being reunited. I am so glad to hear of more sightings of him - Come on boy! Find your MOM !! xo Katherine and Possum

sobe said...

Any news on Luger?