Saturday, May 15, 2010


Honeysuckle: "Devoted Love"

The search for Luger continues. We still believe he is out there. Karen checks back up the canyon daily. Locally, we are still acting on the tip we received earlier this week, putting up more posters, expanding the area, searching the parks. We live in a beautiful province, but its downside is that there are vast uninhabited, heavily treeed areas where a dog could hide or wander. We can always use more people to put up or refresh posters, hike through parks and powerline clearings, expand the search area.

We are an hour from Victoria, 45 minutes from Nanaimo, an hour and a quarter from Parksville/Qualicum Beach. It's a nice day for a drive......

Luger is never far from my thoughts, and I thought of him yesterday morning on my walk with Oliver and Charley as we paused to admire and photograph the honeysuckle along the seawalk. Honeysuckle is the flower of "devotion", and I hope the devotion of Karen to Luger and of Luger to Karen will soon see them reunited.


Janice Gillett said...

Me too too!!!!!!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Absolutely beautiful photographs, Jean. Connecting the "devotion" meaning of honeysuckle to Karen and Luger's relationship was poignant and a powerful hit to my emotions. I suspect your other readers would have felt that as well. So many of us sending our thoughts Karen and Luger's way, surely the energy will combine forces with everyone's hard work to bring them back together.