Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And still nothing to report

Searchers yesterday were unable to hear any whining, due to high winds which obscured all other sounds. New 'possible sighting' reports continue to come in from communities north and south of the canyon - with all the posters up, there are many, many eyes on the lookout for Luger. And I appreciate so much the offers that have come in via this blog to help with searching and/or retrieval, as well as the many prayers/positive thoughts that are being sent our way.

Obviously, I have not been taking photos or doing other activities this past week. For those waiting for new posts and pics, I will say I have discovered MANY new and beautiful places to take my dogs once this nightmare is over. For now, however, I am focussing on posting signs on trails rather than photographing them. Please bear with me.

If you can offer assistance, we still need to get posters up in some areas north to Ladysmith and south to Cowichan Commons in Duncan. We can provide posters and streets to cover. We can also use bodies to search the canyon - preferably fit, agile bodies as the terrain is brutal. Experienced hikers and climbers and searchers will be greeted with open arms. Click on the "email me" link at the side of this blog to contact me for further information.

For those unable to help, I am a firm believer in the power of collective positive thought. Please spend a few minutes today envisioning Luger being found, feeling how joyous Karen will be.

And please send calming vibes to a very exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed dog mama who just wants her beautiful, sweet Luger back home where he belongs. Karen, hang in there - many, many people are here to help in whatever way they can.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, I send positive thoughts that karen will get her dear Luger back. With all your postings, and the searches may Luger feel the LOVE and find his way home again!

Lou, Abbotsford