Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Woo Hoo - Turtle Gardens is #1!!

In the latest Shelter Challenge. Number One in Canada. Let's keep them there, and help them move up the overall challenge (North America) to win the BIG money. They are currently #30 overall.

So, every day please go to the Shelter Challenge (click HERE) and vote for Turtle Gardens. They need, need, need your help.

Once you have voted for Turtle Gardens once, each time you bring up that page, it will already list it for you so you just have to click on "vote" and then type in the name of the animal that appears, in order for the vote to register. It takes ten seconds each morning - ten seconds to help Yvette and Dave win some much-needed money for the dogs in their care.


sobe said...

way to go TG supporters! Oh that makes me happy!
I'm voting every day and will till the end of the challenge. my routine is as follows:
get up, pee, get coffee, go to computer, go straight to the shelter challenge and vote for TG. Easy to remember, and starts me off feeling great!

Jean said...

Sobe, you mean you vote before you even let the poor dogs out??? LOLOL!

My routine is get up, let dogs out, pee, let dogs in, give dogs treat, get coffee, go to computer, vote for TG. Meanwhile the dogs sit and stare at me sending messages of "We're staaaarvvving!!!" because they think breakfast should come first.
I keep telling them to think of all the starving, homeless dogs and not be so selfish!

Alphamutt said...

Jean (and everyone who supports Turtle Gardens - Go Team!!) there is a second shelter challenge that could bring in much needed funds to the most worthwhile rescue I know.

The Adopt-A-Pet Care2 Shelter Challenge creates many opportunities for a rescue to win anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars. Only one vote per person is allowed, but comments in support of "your" rescue are encouraged.

Here's the link:

Please ask friends and family to vote for TG, it really is an amazing rescue.

sobe said...

lol, no the pee part was the dogs peeing. LOL

Alphamutt said...

Sorry about the wonky link. I hope this one works.

As of 2:58 a.m. on Wednesday, TG has 61 votes.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize there was a contest going on until I saw it on your blog a few weeks ago. I have been voting for them every day since.

I am glad to see it is going well.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Glad to hear about Turtle Gardens. Must vote right now. Thanks for the reminder!

And, that "think of all the starving children" didn't really work on me, although I guess the intent was different. Now that I think of it, your crew DOES think of those starving dogs. That's why they clean up every last scrap:)