Friday, November 20, 2009

From too much water to too little.....

Aaackkk! There has been so much rain here that the rivers in nearby Duncan and North Cowichan have flooded their banks and a state of emergency has been declared, with hundreds of families being evacuated. I'm not affected, but the flood area is about 15-20 minutes from here, along the routes I normally take to the stores.

I did finally finish my deck, despite (or because of) the rain - complete with ramp that slopes in two directions so little arthritic shelties don't jump off the side and don't have to deal with a single stair. And I did a temporary raft/bridge so Else won't have to swim from the carport gate to the back door while she's looking after my dogs. (This is "temporary" because workers are supposed to come with gravel and landscape ties tomorrow to do this area properly - but given my luck with tradespeople around here, I wasn't about to count on it!).

HOWEVER, Janice just phoned from Hearts on Noses to tell me there is NO WATER (at least, not in the plumbing system) at the new property and the plumber can't figure out why and won't be back until Tuesday. And so I will be mucking out horses and piggies in the rain but with no hot shower or clean water to drink at the end of the day. Blech!!! (Note to self: take bottled water and lots of deodorant).

Too much water......too little water........some days ya just can't win!

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