Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weird weather and loyal friends

The weird weather:

The weather the past three days has been tumultuous. That is the only word I can think of to describe it. It is brilliant sunshine one moment, torrential rain the next, and sometimes both together. The winds come up, the winds drop down, the clouds move in, the clouds move out……it literally changes minute to minute. At one point this morning, there was dark cloud and drenching rain out my front door, and blue sky and rainbows out the back!

Sky out front, 10:00 AM

Sky out back, 10:00 AM

So getting out with the dogs has been – um – fun. Especially with dogs who hate rain. The sun comes out, I say “Let’s go” and by the time their collars and leashes are in place and I have my shoes and jacket on – it’s pouring. And they stand at the door and pout.

Nonetheless, we did manage to get out between monsoons yesterday, the sun positively blinding us as it reflected off the puddles and raindrops everywhere.

Dog on a sparkly beach

Sunlight on black sand

Autumn reflections

The rest of yesterday was a lazy day – I did nothing but read, finishing off Dan Brown’s 736 page Deception Point in one day. I did not enjoy it as much as The DaVinci Code (my favourite of his other books) but an excellent read nonetheless. The best part of rainy days is curling up with a good book and a bunch of dogs.

The loyal friends:

My dogs are not particularly interactive with each other. Once in a long while, Sadie and Charley will engage in a game of tussle and kissy-face, and Oliver often follows Belle around like a lovesick adolescent. But overall, they are all very laid back characters, seldom getting their tails in a knot, quite independent and a bit reserved (kinda like their mama!). And yet, they watch each other’s back and they are loyal to their sibs.

Yesterday, Belle was very demanding and cranky. She barked commands frequently “Servant! Come Here! I need company!” and “Peon! You are Blocking My Basket! Move!” and simply “Get outta my face!” or “Feed me!”. The dogs just looked at her and backed off – no snarling, no talking back, no challenging the Princess Belle.

I'm being followed

Back off!

But I wuv you!

And then about four o'clock this morning, Charley came and pawed at my bed. "Mama, Mama, wake up! Something’s wrong wiv Belle! "

Sure enough, Belle was out in the hallway, retching and gasping. As she continued to cough and retch, bringing up bile, her little chest heaving in and out (I think she may have aspirated some reflux into her lungs), Charley lay right beside her – watching intently, her glance moving from me to Belle and back again. Eventually Belle’s breathing eased and she lay exhausted in the hall – where Charley stayed beside her until she felt well enough to move back to her basket.

This morning, Belle is still under the weather, and refused her breakfast – unheard of for the Princess, aka Alligator Jaws. Mostly she has been sleeping, but each time she gets up one or other of the dogs runs to check on her. Even Sadie has foregone a nap on my bed to stay close by. Right now, Oliver is sleeping next to her basket, keeping guard.

I hope Ms. Belle will soon be back to her bossy little self. If she’s not back to eating tomorrow, I’ll call the vet. But in the meantime, I have three very good Belle-sitters, who will continue to keep watch over her and let me know if she needs some help.

And now the sun has reappeared so I think I shall try to get two rain-repulsed black and white dogs out for their walk before the next downpour hits!


Janice Gillett said...

Looking out for each other and coming to get you, how clever and good hearted they are.

Hope the family is as it should be now Jean.

Ahem and did I notice a few apples still left on that tree?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Loved your scenery photos as always, Jean.

And am hoping little Belle will feel better very soon!


Anonymous said...

Poor little Princess Belle. I hope she is feeling much better today and back to eating.


Jean said...

The Princess is back to being her bossy little self! Must have had a version of the canine 24-hour flu or something. She was first in the kitchen this morning, gave me sh*t when I took time to go to the washroom before feeding them, and sniped at Sadie for being in her way! LOL

Charley, on the other hand, is horribly sick today with vomiting and the runs. In and out of the house every 30 minutes. I swear these guys keep passing something around.