Saturday, November 28, 2009

An update from Janice, Hearts on Noses

Janice at Hearts on Noses is without internet until Monday, so phoned me to ask that I relay the following information to you, since many of those who read my blog are also followers of hers:

The very last of the pigs were moved to the new place today, as were their houses. Things were a bit chaotic, compared to the previous two days, due to some mix ups regarding who was coming when, followed by the flat deck with houses getting stuck in the mud at the new place and effectively blocking entry for the piggies’ trailer, which led to some frantic moments but it all worked out in the end. The moving truck also came today for the rest of Janice’s household belongings/furniture, so nearly everything is now on one property.

HOWEVER, Janice still needs hands to help her tomorrow (Sunday) and possibly Monday to clean up and clear up the miscellaneous debris at the old place, including salvaging whatever can be salvaged from the fences/pens etc. And while we didn’t discuss it, I expect she would welcome helpers at the new place over the next week or two to clear up debris, organize equipment, etc. over there.

Tomorrow is critical – the new people take possession Monday, so help to finish up over there and salvage what can be salvaged needs to happen tomorrow – trucks and vans for moving salvaged wood etc to the new place also welcomed!

Obviously she can’t be reached via email. If you need to call her, Hearts on Noses NEW phone number is 604-462-0958 where you can reach her this evening or tomorrow morning, or leave a message there. The OLD property, where you are needed tomorrow, is located at 13287 - 232nd St. in Maple Ridge.


Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Jean!!!

beans said...

Hi Janice
I hope that your move went wihout a hitch. I was trying to donate through the internet. I would like to do a lump sum of around $200. for "Sparkle" I am too busy right now with personal health problems, but need to complete this before the new year.

Jean said...

Violet, I've alerted Janice to you comment, but you may wish to email her directly at

Donations to Hearts on Noses can be made via paypal through her website at, but if you prefer to send a cheque, email Janice for the mailling address of her new place.

Thanks for your generosity! Jean