Monday, November 2, 2009

A very special pair

One of my blog readers from Saskatchewan emailed me regarding a pair of dogs who need a home together. Jen works with an all breed rescue organization based in Saskatoon, SK. Recently, they were contacted by a small Humane Society to help two very special dogs who really need a home together. Here's what Jen has to say about them:

"Kita is a 5 year old Black Lab who has mild epilepsy and she has been surrendered to the Shelter with her sister, Kasey, a 4 year old Nova Scotia Duck Toller who works actively as her seizure alert dog. Kasey clearly is a very special girl as she alerts her people to a potential seizure and keeps Kita safe during them."

Now, what two dogs deserve to stay together more than those two? I believe, as does the rescue, that some special family could benefit from Kasey's gift, and I'd love to see these girls find a home together.

You can read more about the dogs, and find links to their petfinder pages, on Jen's blog:

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Malahoot said...

WOW ....that is quite the pair. Amazing! Perhaps some media on their special bond might be helpful? Might be worth a shot and a great story at the least.