Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Best Thing About Going Away...

Is the greeting when you come home! Four doggies and one kitty crowding around me, eager for my attention, all trying to tell me how Auntie Else neglected them and beat them and starved them while I was gone. NOT!

Princess Belle, in particular, kept up her loud, insistant monologue for quite some time. I wasn't sure if she was giving me heck for going away for two sleeps, welcoming me back, or telling the bigger dogs to get the **** out of her way so SHE, Princess Belle, could get close enough to Mama for some scritches and loves.

Ferry line ups and delays made the trip there expand from six hours to nearly eight; pouring rain made time and photoshoots with the pigs limited (though I do have a few pics to post later); a soft tissue injury meant no ball time for Emma (though we had a very successful half hour training session, rehearsing all her basic commands - she is such a good dog); and concern about ferry lineups for the homeward journey limited my time with my mom. But all-in-all, a good trip. I'm just very glad to be home.

Sadly, though, my photography class, which was to begin this morning, has been cancelled - too many registrants dropped out at the last minute. Bah humbug!

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Black Jack's Carol said...

I was hoping for some tips, so am especially sorry to hear about the photography class! A couple of days ago, I discovered that one of our new teachers is running a photography club. Very tempted to join it and learn along with the kids, but time is already at a premium. Hm..

You managed to fit a lot into the trip. I'm glad you saw your Mom and Emma and know they were thrilled to spend time with you. And yes.. there's nothing quite like coming home, especially when the critters give a "welcome back" party to remind you just how much you are loved!