Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poor starved critters

Mama, we're starving!


Sometimes ya just gotta help yerself.


sobe said...

How can you let your babes starve like that, why aren't you answering their every beg and call?

Moose and Fwirly would like to pass on the number of the dog abuse line, they will swear if they threaten to call that number it gets their momma going every time!

You get your act together Jean, there is no excuse for slacking off, LOL LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

I am also laughing my head off - what a great post, and photo of your poor (NOT!) hard done by senior know they are the best actors in the doggie world of course and very expressive.....Oliver's expression and Belle's obvious chastising bark which we can only see, not hear, tells me they are your boss(es). Which is what Shelties do best!

Sharon (slave to senior Sheltie Crystal - who says I'm not being truthful, they really ARE starved)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Love to see their confidence and so glad they manage to keep their Mama in line with timely reminders as needed:)

(Curious to know how much Oliver would consume if you chose the "free feeding" option.)

Jean said...

Carol, I think Oliver would stop when he was full, though I'm not sure. But "free feeding" would definitely be problematic around here with Sadie The Nonstop Eating Machine. She would eat and eat and eat until the container was empty, then she'd throw up and start all over again!! LOL

And now I better run, as I have four pairs of canine eyes giving me the "mom we're starving its supper time" look.

Oh, and Moose and Fwirly, you just keep that number to yourself!! Little (or rather, big) brats!!!! LOLOL