Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ol' blue eyes

When I went back to the mainland earlier this week, I stopped by Hearts on Noses to spend an afternoon with Janice and the piggies. Janice was inside with her realtor, signing the acceptance papers for the sale of the property, when I arrived. It was a rainy day, and the piggies were all fast asleep in their houses.

I am by nature a trouble maker, I guess, because I can't let sleeping dogs - er - pigs lie. I tiptoed up to the pigyard that houses Scotch and Soda's herd and called out, in the voice I had used so many times when I fostered them, "Piggy, piggy, piigggggiiiiiieees!".

And soon one little snouty peered round the blanket that covered the doorway.

Foster Mama? Iz dat yooouuuuuuuuu?

And within moments, out runs Fizzy and Whisper and RobRoy, followed closely by all the others. Of course, one can't visit piggies without taking them a treat and soon they were all munching down on fresh beets and carrots and apples and the 'piece de resistance', hazelnut wafer cookies.

Fizzy cracked me up when he grabbed a whole beet, leaves attached, with the globe of the beet in his mouth and the greens curving up over his snout like the feather on the top of a quail's head, and raced off to the farthest corner of his house with his prize. Moments later he re-appeared, the only evidence of his greed a foamy beet-red mustache.

Got beetz?

When Janice was done the paperwork, she humored me by letting the herd out for a run despite the pouring rain. Rob Roy had recently discovered a weak spot in the fence where he can wiggle through to graze under the hazelnut trees around the property and mingle with the children in the schoolyard next door. Needless to say, we kept as close an eye on the herd-of-twelve as we could. Hopefully the fence is now fixed, though I expect both pigs and kids would rather it wasn't!

Fortunately, there are also hazelnut, crabapple and cherry trees inside the fenceline, and so most of the piggies hung around scavenging fruity remains from below the leafy boughs.

Nom, nom, nom

I took a quick tour around to visit the other 27 piggies. Most are potbellies, but the two farm pigs, Roscoe and Rose, also said hello.


Hi'ya Auntie Jean, didya bring me sumthin to eat?


I see ya. I'll just wave the tip of my ear, if you don't mind.

The rain dampened the piggies' enthusiasm for the outdoors and soon they were back in their houses, snuggling down for another nap.


Hearts on Noses is desperately looking for new property, preferably in the Fraser Valley area (but not on a flood plain). Janice did find a perfect place but another offer was accepted first. Without rancour to the prospective buyer, I confess I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the financing falls through for that person so Janice can grab the place. It is so perfect!

The possession date on their current place is November 30th....... Thirty-nine pigs, two horses, a dog, two cats, a turtle, a guinea pig and one very exhausted and anxious woman will not do well with a tarp and a shopping cart. Please wish them well finding their new home.

Where will we goooooooo??????


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh my goodness, it's hard not to wish that the deal will fall through for the other fellow! Sending good thoughts Janice's way. Loved the pictures, especially the red tell-tale beet stains and the waving ear:)

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures of the piggies Jean.
I too have my fingers and toes crossed that Janice finds the "perfect" place to carry on her great work.


Janice Gillett said...

Too bad it rained when you were here Jean, and yes the back fence is Rob Roy proofed!!

Thanks for hoping
there is a better place for 'the other guys' out there ;o))