Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few things on my mind

There are a few things on my mind today.

This afternoon the North Cowichan Municipal Council votes on a recommendation to continue using the gas box for euthanizing homeless cats, despite the fact that this is seen as inhumane by the BC SPCA, the Humane Society of Canada, the World Society for the Protection of Animals, and countless others. The gasbox is banned in many jurisdictions - from countries like England to many states in the US to the cities of New Westminster, Nanaimo and Victoria here in British Columbia. While the American Veterinary Medical Association sees it as acceptable under certain conditions, their guidelines are currently under review, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association states quite clearly that lethal injection is considered THE most humane method of euthanasia. A local vet has offered to perform lethal injections of domestic and feral cats ON SITE at the pound for a flat rate of $50 per cat - far less than the poundkeeper reports it will cost. Sixty-six cats were gassed to death in North Cowichan last year. This municipality of over 100,000 people can sure afford $3300 for a little humanity. It will be interesting to see how the vote goes. Unfortunately, most of the councilors were on the committee that is making the recommendation. Positive vibes for a change of heart, please.

Hearts on Noses learned that the property they were hoping to buy has definately gone to another buyer - subjects have been removed. Hearts on Noses must move by November 30th. Please envision a few acres with green pasture, privacy, a good water supply, a reasonable living quarters, some outbuildings, and a for sale sign out front. And then picture the property with 39 piggies, two horses, a dog, two cats, a turtle and a guinea pig (oh, and their caregiver, Janice!) happily living there for the rest of their days.

The shelter challenge hosted by The Animal Rescue Site is back up and running for another term - closing date December 20th. Turtle Gardens is #2 in Canada, which means they are in line for a $1000 grant. But they could aim higher –they are #31 overall in North America, which offers the potental of a $20,000 prize. Please click daily and vote for Turtle Gardens Spay Neuter Society. VOTE EVERYDAY! CLICK HERE! Use the drop down menu to go to Canada, BC, and enter Turtle Gardens Spay Neuter Society. Vote.

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Anonymous said...

On the vote site you can also arrange to have a daily notification sent to your e-mail addy. It's easy and reminds you to vote every day.

the council vote was not totally unexpected. I think there minds had already been made up and all the information they received was ignored, but it was still a real bummer to deal with.