Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another teaser?

Sometimes it takes me a lot longer than I anticipate to edit photos and form a cohesive post, especially when it has been a fabulous day for photos and experiences. I end up spending hours just reliving the day looking at the photos and being unable to decide which ones to use and which to leave out of a blog post (because I'm quite sure you don't have time to scroll through 372 photos with your morning cup of coffee!).

So excuse me if I still don't have the post up from Monday's amazing day. The shots are edited (ie, the out of focus and boring ones are discarded, and the basic cropping and adjusting is done), but I still have to select and watermark and organize the ones for the blog.  Meanwhile, here is one of several photos from the start of that day- ducks enjoying a Crofton sunrise.

Ducks enjoying a Crofton winter sunrise,
as the mist lifts from the water.


CarolineA said...

So we KNOW Maggie had a great day! Ducks ducks ducks, quack quack

Sheryl said...