Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Beardie Bounce

Saturday, my friend Pat and I went to a Beardie Bounce - a party with more than a dozen Bearded Collies, hosted by another mutual friend.  The last one we attended, when puppies were involved, was two years ago.  You'll find the photos from that one here and here - and some of those same pups were at this year's event. 

Why a Bounce you may ask?  Because that is what Beardies do.  They are happy, bouncy, busy dogs who love to bounce all over the furniture and each other.

Of course, they aren't all bouncing all the time (though sometimes it seems like it!).  There were also the princesses:

Or perhaps the shy one:

And the inquisitive one who didn't wish to pose for a photo with his littermate (who thought her brother was pretty hilarious):

And there were the soft ones and exuberant ones and polite ones and unruly ones and happy ones and quiet ones and 'give me some attention' ones:

A good time was had by all, humans and dogs, and I'm guessing more than one of us felt like this at the end of the day:

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CarolineA said...

Those are so cute looking. Bet the grooming alone will give you a workout! Will have to google the breed to see them in bouncy mode,lol