Sunday, March 6, 2016

Teddy's Stick

Teddy, the youngest member of the Small Dog Walking Group at about seven months old, found life challenging when faced with an even younger puppy during our meet up with fourteen week old sheltie pup Luke.  And that challenge revolved around something very ordinary to most - but apparently very special to Teddy - a stick.  A plain old, rather sandy, sort of salty, beach stick.  Teddy thought it was The Best Toy Ever.

And then Luke entered the picture:


Back off, buddy - it's MINE. 

***Bury bury bury bury***

Oh wait, if I bury it,  I can't play with it!

Maybe I'll just drag it over here, away from bratty puppy

Teddy:  My stick!  Mine!  I got it first!

Sheesh...he's gonna follow me, isn't he?

I'm heading up to the grass.  You get your own stick, Luke!

There, that fixed him! Alone at last!

Oh cr*p!  Look who's here!

Beamer:  Run, Teddy, run!  I'm on this, buddy!

Luke: come no one will play wiv me?

 Teddy must have had second thoughts, because he soon came back without his stick to check on Luke:

Teddy: You okay little guy?
Luke:  I guess.  I just wanna play wiv you. 
By then it was time to head home, so Luke trotted off with his mom after saying goodbye to the Small Dog Walkers group.

Bye everyone!
And Teddy breathed a sigh of relief, and went back to get his stick.

Best Stick on the Beach! 


CarolineA said...

I don't know how you do it Jean but your pictures and captions are always exactly what's going on! You made my morning (again). Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Jean you are amazing!! Thank you so much for this adorable blog on my Teddy.
We love all of your blogs and can't wait for a new one.
Linda (licks from Teddy)