Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blue skies and happy critters

It was a beautiful day today, so all the animals at RASTA were out enjoying the sun and the new spring growth.

Three seniors enjoying a nap in the back yard

Athena, whose favourite hangout is a piggy shelter with six or more pigs, enjoys a little solitary time.

Garfunkel soaks up some sun atop a shelter roof

Houdini supervises the volunteers at their tasks

Maggie May checks out what I'm up to in the pasture

Simon has something to say - I'm not sure what!
(Captions, anyone?)

The donkeys are enjoying the new spring shoots of grass.
I think this is Romeo, but can't tell them apart unless they are together!  

Lucie and Nancy brush Theo the steer,
while Benson the dog gives Theo a bath with his tongue!

Three friends hangin' out together -
Theo, Benson and Nibbles.
Lucie and I gave a powerpoint presentation (my first - the job I've been so busy with this past week or so) for a service organization last night, and now that is finished perhaps I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming blogging - well, in between hiking, gardening, and finishing up a few grant applications.  Come back soon! :)

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CarolineA said...

Simon says " You are the funny 'walk this way' lady"