Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Catching up with Luke

I have just returned from a few days on the mainland, where I took many more photos (of course!) including some at Hearts on Noses, and some of Turtle Gardens Rescue dogs, including one dog who traveled back with me to meet up with his new family. Happy day!

But before I post any of those photos, I still need to fulfill a promise to the Small Dog Walkers group and to sheltie puppy Luke's mama to share more photos from our afternoon at Bamberton Park.  And I have a backlog of RASTA ones to share, too.

I apologize if you came here looking for a particular set of photos which aren't up yet.  I plan to make a concerted effort to get those backlogged blogs up this week for those who are impatiently waiting - between a number of other rather urgent tasks that await my attention.  Oh...and for those of you who are wondering about the lost sheltie we were searching for on the last blog post - Trig was found a couple of days later! His flexi leash was caught between two rocks down on the beach and he is now home, safe and sound. I love happy endings.

Since Luke's mama has been waiting the longest, I'm going to start with Luke.  You met him a couple of posts ago.....but here are more from that day.

My small dog friends and I met up with Luke and his mama in the parking lot, where Luke was eager to make new friends - very eager:

Fuzzy, furry, blurry sheltie puppy
heads towards the Small Dog Walkers

Beamer:  Hey!  Who's the new kid?

I'm Luke!  I am, I am, I am sooooo happy to meet you!

Soon he introduced himself to Teddy, Cosmo and Lexi.

Lexi:  Hey, mom - it's another BOY dog!
 And then we headed down the path to the beach:

Small Dog Walking Group Plus One
All the dogs except Beamer are under the age of two.  Beamer is a mature six or seven - much too dignified for silly puppy antics!

Beamer: Dunno why we had to bring another puppy along! 
Cosmo couldn't understand why the camera was always pointed at the puppy - that's not how it's supposed to be!
Dear doG, please don't let that puppy steal
the limelight away from me! 

Walking with puppies is always fun.  We didn't even reach the beach before Luke decided to lie down for a rest....and a sniff.....and a taste.  In fact, sniffing and tasting was the norm for the walk:

Sniff taste sniff taste
Gotta explore my world! 

Hmmm...what does that puppy find to eat?

 And learning to avoid tanglefeet - for both puppy and human - is a challenge:

 Of course, there are things other than feet to get leashes tangled around:

Pffft!  Can't get me now! 

And when there are several young dogs on leashes, tangleleash is bound to happen:

Pick me up, please mom!
It's dangerous down here.

But I think the funniest moment is when Luke decided to pick up Cosmo's leash - with Cosmo attached! Unfortunately, I was shooting telephoto and didn't have time to switch to wide angle to get both dogs in the shot.  So just imagine Cosmo at the other end of that green leash:


Mama walks me and I walk Cosmo!
I'm such a clever pup! 

Cosmo decided the best escape was the ocean, and as soon as Luke dropped the leash, he raced in for a dip:

Whoa!  That's cold!


Lexi:  Is he done yet, mom? 

Meanwhile, Teddy was gallivanting up and down the beach, ears flying out behind him:


Luke:  How do you do that thing with your ears?

There's a whole 'nother series of Teddy and Luke and a stick,  but I'll save that one for another day. Meanwhile, here's a preview of Teddy and his stick, and some miscellaneous parting shots of the others:

Teddy and his stick
Stay tuned for the sequel! 


Does the camera like this dog?




and Luke

And Luke again. 

That's all folks! 


CarolineA said...

So glad to read Trig has been found. It seems a lot of dogs have gone missing lately.

What cute pups and what amazing pics of them! Such a treat to read and see. Thanks so much for sharing the fun!

Sheryl said...

I'm so happy that Trig was found safe.

Great photos (as always)!