Friday, March 18, 2016

A walk in the park

This afternoon, I headed out to Bright Angel Park, just south of Duncan, with Pat and the poms.  We were joined by Linda, Teddy and Beamer from the Small Dog Walking group (Beamer's mom wasn't available, but Teddy said Beamer could catch a ride with him).

Mom, we can take her, can't we?

Thank you, Teddy's Mom.
I wuv you. 

It was a lovely day and though the trails are not very long, it was a good place for a mid-afternoon walk.

The river was high and fast

Too fast for certain water-obsessed poms to go swimming.
(I'm looking at YOU, Cosmo)

Teddy didn't mind, because Teddy did what Teddy does best -
digging for sticks!

M o m !  Teddy kicked sand in my face! 

Oh brother.  Get over it, you big baby. 

We walked away from the river, and found a little pond with lush spring growth

But not before Teddy found another stick he wanted to bring along.

Wait for me, mom! 

Another beautiful spot in the forest for a few more photos,
and then it was back to the cars.

Lexi:  Well that sucks.  No pictures of me with funny little captions under them.
(Sorry Lexi - next time!) 

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Anonymous said...

So charming Jean. Thanks for the walk. Licks from Teddy and Beamer. (Teddy's Mom)