Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mah Special Day

By Eddie.

Guess what?  Today is mah BIRFDAY!   I am TEN years old.  Mama sez that is older than her if you convert dog years to people years.  But I say I'm just a spring chicken dog, whereas Mama is a grey-haired old lady.

Ah can say that now because I've already got all mah presents! Heheheheheh!  Just jokin', Mama!

Me on mah tenth birthday,
makin' jokes at Mama's expense
 I had a very good day today.  In the morning I opened my present from Mama.  I got Honest Kitchen catfish strips,an' banana Fruitables an' Jake and Daisy's dried buffalo heart.  YUM!!!  Oh, and I also got a new Gulpy water bottle fer when we goes hiking.  It's got the dish built right in so Mama doesn't have to pack one fer me.

Mah presents from Mama

Did you notice the silly birfday hat Mama made me wear fer my photo?  Blech!

Stoopid hat!

After breakfast and presents, Mama and I went fer a walk along the beach, where lotsa people told me how booo-ti-ful I am.  Then we came home and Mama took Mitzi fer a walk and then I helped her water the garden and clean the house and get ready fer mah PAWTY!

That's right.  I had a PAWTY.  Mah friends Archie and Tanner came over, wiv their mama, Auntie Else.  They brought me more presents - some yummy Dynamo Dog treats (wiv good stuff fer mah hips and joints) and YUM YUM YUM a whole bag of raw bones!  I loves loves loves mah raw bones.

Mama and Auntie Else had dinner while we mooched played nicely in the house.  Well, mostly Archie slept and Mitzi slept an I supervised the dinner and Tanner played.  He played a lot.  With the dog toys and the cat toys and most of all with the Screaming Monkey.  He thought that was one great toy.  "Was" is the operative word - I think he mighta killed it.

Ah'm gonna kill this thing!

Then Mama and Auntie Else made us put on the silly hats again.  Archie didn't mind.  Tanner didn't mind.  I didn't mind.  But Mitzi refused to have anything to do with it.  She says princesses only wear tiaras, and mama didn't have a tiara handy.

Archie in his pawty hat

Tanner in his pawty hat

Me in mah pawty hat.
If you think Iz gonna wear one of dem silly things, ferget it!!!

Then we had mah birfday cake.  It was made of frozen yogurt wiv slivers of dehydrated buffalo heart, and a Fruitable in the middle.  Doesn't it look yummy?

Yogurt buffalo-heart chip birfday cake!

It waz.  The humans had Tiramisu instead, which looked a lot like mah cake but had chocolate on it which us dogs can't have. I betcha buffalo heart tastes waaaay better than chocolate.

YUM! Dat waz good!

We sat on the patio while Mama and Auntie Else guzzled sipped wine and yakked and yakked and yakked.  Tanner was bored so he tried to get Mitzi to play wiv him.  He's just a young whipper-snapper, only six years old.

Tanner:  Play wiv me, little dog, play wiv me!
Mitzi:  Are you outta yer cotton-pickin' mind?  I saw what you did to the monkey!

Mitzi didn't cooperate so he went and dug a hole in the lawn instead.  Not a big hole. Mama told him if he wants to dig, that is fine as long as he is just digging weeds from the garden.  He can dig all the weeds he wants.

Here's some photos mama took of mah friends Archie and Tanner when they were here a couple of weeks ago.  Ah like these better than the ones wiv the silly hats!

About 15 years old.


Tanner, who won't put his ears up fer his photo

Huh?  Why would I wanna do that?

After they went home, Mama took Mitzi an' me fer another walk, and now it is bed time which is a good thing because we is very tired puppies.

And that was mah Very Special Day.  Maybe next year you can come to mah pawty too!

Wanna come?
Ya might hafta wear a funny hat.  

Love Eddie.


Marie said...

Oh, Eddie, I'm sorry that I missed your birthday - Happy Birthday, belated!!! Looks like you had a wonderful party, I wished I could have been there, cause I would have worn the hat, Bye! Sparkle

Caroline said...

Happy belated birthday Eddie! Your cake sure looked goooooood!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting us to your Pawty Eddie. We had a wonderful time.

Archie and Tanner.

Sorry about the hole Auntie Jean.

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Eddie.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Eddie! I'm here! I'm here! I forced that slacker Typist to write this on the potty. I can't believe I missed your birthday because she is too lazy to even open up my blog these days and only did it this morning.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOT! You're so lucky you got a party and all those pressies plus a cake. There is no justice in this world (speaking as a neglected dog who's never had a birthday party or pressie). I must say you look very good for 10! The old lady must be taking really good care of you. Mitzi doesn't look too bad either but what a wuss for not wearing a hat too.

I am going off to Mr O's again next week. My humans are finally 95% ready for their 3 month trip and abandoning me again. They think I don't know but they wrong! I know what all those bags in the spare room mean boohoo..

So many stories and no time to tell anyone. Grrrrr.

Anyway, I hope you're all super well and enjoying your last days of summer. It's already very hot here though its still winter. We're not complaining of course. BTW, scanning through your titles on GR (and hey, how come its still around?) we noticed you went camping and Ms Jean got another story published! Way to go! Congratulations!

BIG HUGS, MUCH LOVE! A kiss for each of you XXX and one for That Cat Allie hahaha X

Jean said...

Thank you fer the birfday greetings, everyone.
GLP, you made mah day - mah mama is smilin' from ear to ear cuz it haz been a loooooong time since we heard from you. And now yer hoomans are leavin' you fer THREE MONTHS???? Oh No!!! That's just Not Right! I really think you shud come live wiv us. My mama will even throw a welcome pawty, and give you birfday pawties, and Monday Pawties and Toosday Pawties and Wednesday Pawties - heck, every day will be a Pawty, just fer you and all the new Canadian pals you'll have! Luv, Eddie.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Eddie,

The Typist never know ;) Kisses XXXX

Zazie Todd, PhD, for Companion Animal Psychology said...

A belated Happy Birthday Eddie! Looks like you had a wonderful party. Thanks for sharing all the photos. That special cake sure looks delicious!!

King said...

We're so sorry we missed it! We was away campin' We're gonna post a few pics soon. So you can see 'em. Wow Eddie ur just a real Spring ch---ermmm dog
Looks like it was F -U--N1 wooo hooo rarrrooo
King and The Girls
Oh and mom and dad too!