Saturday, August 10, 2013

Excerpts from My Summer Journal

By Mitzi

I don't know why Mama Jean doesn't let ME be the keeper of the blog.  I'm sure I'd do a better job than she has lately.  Seems like she doesn't post much any more, and when she does it is mostly 'bout flowers an' Eddie.  Except for the Screaming Monkey video, you'd think I hardly existed.

Well, let me tell you, I haz been one busy, busy girl this summer.  Here are some excerpts from my summer journal.

June 11-19

Mama Jean and Eddie were away camping so I stayed with Auntie Gail and Sadie B.  I like it there!  I got to snoopervise in the garden, an' check out Sadie's pool,

Hmmmm.... a Very Big water dish!

an' go fer walks to visit with a bunch of dogs  - and a cat - that are Just My Size!  I really likes that!  I must 'member to tell Mama Jean I would like a canine bruder or sister the same size as me.

Me an some of mah new friends

An' even though I took my own bed, I liked this one of Sadie's better.

That's more like it!  

Can you find me in this picture? Heheheheh!

I had a good time there.  Thanks Auntie Gail!

July 1

It is Canada Day.  Auntie Gail gave me this neat hat which used to be Georgi's.  It was the perfect attire for Canada Day.  I was borned in Canada, but lived most of my life in the Excited States, so I thinks I haz duel citizenship.  That means I get to celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day.  I am an Independent Canadian, that I am!

All dessed up fer Canada Day

July 4

And I celebrated Independence Day with a hike to Swallowfield wiv Mama Jean, Eddie, Auntie Gail and Sadie B.  I loves going fer hikes.  There's lots of good places to explore.

Lookin' out at the Chemainus River

Eddie's more interested in the treat pouch.

An' Sadie's chasing sticks in the water

July 13

Today mah friend Rajah and I went to Grace Road Park.  We let Mama Jean, Eddie, and Auntie Margaret come wiv us.  We had LOTS of fun.  Rajah and I really liked to wade around in the water.  I got kinda wet and sandy, but Mama Jean said that was okay cause I waz havin' so much fun. ya thinks there's any fish in here?
I loves fish!

Maybe I'll find some fishies down stream a bit.

C'mon in, Rajah, the water's fine!

I'm coming!

Wait fer me!

Even Anxious Eddie came in for a paddle

I'z not afraid of water, just of bridges!

It is a very bootiful spot.  A good place to just enjoy the scenery or maybe haz a little snack:

Rajah enjoys the view

Snack?  Did you say SNACK?

Oh Boy!  Treat Time!

July 25th
We haz a visitor - hmmmm, that would be Auntie Donna! - and we took her to Crofton Lake.  There was a shady place to sit at the end of the path, where we could stare at the lake and watch for eagles. There weren't no eagles today though - that's cuz I'm FER-O-CIOUS and scared them all away.

Eddie an' me looking at Crofton Lake

August 1

We went to Stocking Creek Park wiv Auntie Gail and Sadie B.  I'z never been there, and Eddie hadn't been there fer a long time.  Mama Jean didn't take no pictures of me - I think it was because Eddie was being a big baby and had to be CARRIED across a wee little bridge cuz he was so scared of it, so she hadta put the camera in her backpack.  What a wimp Eddie is!  I is brave and not afeared of nuthin.  Here's the only photo Mama took that day that even sorta turned out - Sadie is swimmin' in the water and Eddie is wondering if there's a shallow spot where he can wade across instead of taking the bridge back home.

Sadie swimming, Eddie searching

August 8th

We went to Osborne Bay Park wiv Auntie Gail and Sadie B.  I likes this park a lot.  The tide was just right so we walked on the beach and Sadie B went swimmin.

On the beach

Eddie and I mostly just mooched fer food.  Auntie Gail has the BEST treats.  Way better than the ones Mama Jean has.

Pwease may we haz a treat?

I loves the beach.  See my happy face?

Well, I haz other stuffs to show you, like about the neat games Mama Jean has been teaching me when it is too hot to go fer a walk, and some photos Mama Jean took of mah friends Archie and Tanner, but all this bloggin' is hard work, so I need a nap now.  I'z havin' a good summer.  I hopes you are too.


Love Mitzi


Caroline said...

I have a huge smile on my face! What a great adventurer you are!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you took the time to write a blog entry Mitzie. It looks like you are having an exciting time
this summer.


Dawn said...

Glad you are having such a great summer Mitzi! Your mom should let you blog more often. You are a very brave little doggie. I am sure Mama Jean misses you when you are apart.