Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mah new friend

By Eddie

Wanna meet mah new friend?

(c) Jean Ballard 2013
This is Heidi.

She lives wiv Mary and Doug, who mah Mama knows from the Cowichan SPCA, where they worked on the garage sale together.  But Heidi was adopted from another of mah Mama's favorite animal places - Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue.  

Heidi is a very nice dog.  She's got a floofy tail just like me!

Floof-tailed Heidi walks the shores of Crofton Lake

When Mary and Heidi got to our place yesterday, we all went for a little walk around the block - Mary, Heidi, Mama, me an' Mitzi.  Just a 'get to know you' walk, before setting off on a longer walk.

Mitzi waz still tired from our hike on Thursday, an' since this was the first time we'd walked together, Mama decided Mitzi could lounge around at home while Heidi an' me led the humans astray  on a hike.

We went to Crofton Lake.  The lake was really shallow this time, even though we had some really heavy rain the other day.  My Mama doesn't remember ever seeing it that shallow. You can see how low it is by the water marks around the tree trunks.

Crofton Lake, August 30, 2013
(c) Jean Ballard 2013

Mama and Mary wanted Heidi an' me to pose for pictures together.  We didn't do so good.

Whaddaya mean, sit closer and look at the camera?

But we were very good at sitting near each other when it came to mooching treats!

Please, please, please, please, please?

We're both sitting!

Heidi:  I must not move, I must not move, I must not move....

Good Job!

After some lake-gazing, we headed back - but little old me decided to go where no dog went before.
Okay that's not quite true - but instead of returning the way we usually do, I insisted we take the trail through the old campsite, through the bush, and along the old logging road.  You know, the route where Mama and me and Margaret almost got losted once before.

Heidi relaxing by the lake

This time we didn't get losted - in spite of Heidi's help:

I think it's this way!

Huh?  Really?  You want to take the path MORE travelled?

Oh, that one. 

Views looking east toward Salt Spring Island

The Salish Seas, through the trees.

And although it was a long walk for little old me, we found our way back to the car just fine and I think we just might go that way again.

I waz so tired I slept the whole rest of the day - Mama even had to wake me fer dinner!  Whoa!

Anyway, It was nice getting to meet Heidi and I hopes we hike with her again soon.

Will there be treats?

Love, Eddie.


Anonymous said...

I remember Heidi from T.G. She is beautiful.

EvenSong said...

I really like floofy tails! My Aussie "Chewy" had one that would wiggle-waggle from side to side when she walked along. Heidi has lovely eyes, too.

Dawn said...

Your photos of the walk remind me again how beautiful it is on Vancouver Island. Must find a way to re-visit soon.

Mary said...

Great captions , Jean. You have a wonderful way of looking at everything.