Friday, August 16, 2013

Calling Victoria-area animal lovers!

Those of you living near Victoria BC will likely have seen reports in the Times Colonist or heard on the radio and TV of changes at the Victoria BC SPCA.  In recent weeks they have lost three key staff members - dedicated, passionate animal lovers well-respected in the rescue community.

Cory Bond, former assistant manager at the Victoria SPCA, resigned in July.   Penny Stone, who has been the manager there for ten years, was 'let go'  this Tuesday. And yesterday, the kennel master Marty Meszeros resigned  in protest of Penny's firing.

A shelter is only as good as the staff and volunteers who work there, regardless of policies, practices, or personnel of the broader organization.  The Victoria SPCA was one of the best, and it is not only local animals who will feel the loss of these key players.

Those of us who support Cory, Penny and Marty are being asked to post the following message:

This Sunday, August 18th @ 1:00 PM.  Meet behind the shelter to have a public demonstration demanding accountability and answers to the recent and ongoing changes to the Victoria SPCA.  We will present ourselves as a professional group who are supporters and/or volunteers of our local shelter and animals.  Feel free to draft your own placard with messages you wish to portray to the BCSPCA.  Feel free to bring your four-legged family member(s).  Walk will be on public pathways around the shelter.  This is Canada and we are allowed to have a peaceful demonstration.  PLEASE SHARE with your family and friends.  

Unfortunately, I have an equally important volunteer commitment Sunday so am unable to attend.  If you can, please do. The Victoria SPCA is located at 3150 Napier Lane.

I will also post this publicly on my facebook page so you can easily share with friends and family in the area.


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Anonymous said...

This is the shits. I have always been so impressed by Penny.
They are wrong in who they are letting go!