Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ah just don't get it!

By Mitzi

Yesterday Mama Jean gave me a bath.  She got me all squeeky clean, dried me with the noisy wind thing, combed out my little mats and tangles, and made me boo-tiful.

Today she dragged me out to Swallowfield for a walk in the mud and rain wiv our friends Gail and Sadie B.

Ah told her I didn't want to go!
Ah even tried to hide in mah crate!
Last week they dragged me to Chemainus Lake.
Did they even READ the sign that was posted at the entrance?
Shucks.  I lost the battle. 
Eddie:  Wimp!  It's just spitting a little now. Some
dogs are such Princesses!
Sadie B:  C'mon. Mitzi!  Lookit this great sand and water!
Sadie B:  Stick! Stick!Stickstickstick!
Eddie:  Yup, we haz fun on our walks --
an we picks up our poops too!
Do I look impressed?

Love, Mitzi.


Lady May said...

Hey! Mitzi! we had sand like that on our trip as well. Poor little girl. You should get some sand slippers for ur feetisies hee hee heee
Looks like it was way fun though!
We had a sign like that on our campsite as well. The Bears thing. But King said he woulda kept them away from our camper. ( I think not) anyway glad you decided to go along (read coheresed) and that there was even some sticks to chase. I bet ur mom is happy is coolin' down eh? My mom's not but I AM!!

Brigid said...

LOVE that last picture! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ah poor you Mitzi. Swallowfield in the RAIN, and just after you have had a bath. How could she!!!
Life just isn't fair, is it.