Thursday, March 15, 2012

Short Post Long Days

I have a backlog of photos to post and things to write about, but the heavy rains and gale-force winds have kept me curled up with some good books (any excuse will do...) between have-to-do chores and outings. With daylight savings time, the longer evenings afford longer evening walks, cutting into both my blogtime and my book time. The last few chapters of "The Help" (great read!) are waiting to be read, so I will just post two of my favourite photos from yesterday.

Yesterday was the first outing of an Elder College "Walk in the Woods" group I signed up for. We did part of the TransCanada Trail in the Duncan area, starting from the Sherman Road entrance:

Traipsing the Trans Canada Trail

And this little junco was hopping about my carport when I arrived home, and then hopped through the gate and along the edge of the house to the fence. At first I thought perhaps he was injured as he didn't attempt to fly away, but apparently he was just trying to stay out of the rain.

Junco in Spring Rain

Back to the book.


georgia little pea said...

He may be a bird but he ain't no birdbrain.

Sorry ;) Lack of sleep. I'd rather watch pre-recorded American Idol and Japanese movies these days than blog. Ho hum days.

Have a great weekend x

Jen said...

I LOVE days where you can curl up and read a good book! I read The Help over Christmas hols- couldn't put it down!!

Happy Wednesday!
Jen and the mostly black dog cew

Black Jack's Carol said...

Your post made me curious about Elder College here on the Mainland, but it seems there is no program such as you are enjoying on The Island. Lots of courses, but none designed with "us" in mind. Also (of course) enjoyed your clever little junco (nicely shot too) with "enough-sense-to-come-in-out-of-the-rain" story.