Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Portrait of a Carrot Thief

Petey, aka Gutsy Grabber
Weighs less than ten pounds. Has grey curly hair.
Deaf. Blind. Fearless.
Will steal carrots from dogs four times his size.

On Sunday, I was working outside. Eddie was happily munching on a good-sized carrot - over an inch thick and about six inches long. Suddenly I heard Petey's distinctive growl - more like a warble - and looked up just in time to see Petey grab Eddie's carrot from under his nose and take off with it. Eddie looked flabbergasted, but to his credit did not fight with Petey about it - he just ran to me and whined instead.

It took me a few minutes to take off my work gloves and muddy boots in order to run in the house for the camera. By the time I came out, little Petey had that carrot gnawed down to a 2" stub, which he protectively kept a paw on and polished off in less than two minutes.

Eddie got a new carrot - in the safety of the mudroom.


Anonymous said...

What a smart dog you are Petey. You know what is good for you.


EvenSong said...

That rascal!

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Yummy!! Those carrots sure do taste good. Be careful though Petey, everyone might not be that nice. I have gotten myself into trouble before.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Petey knows what he wants and helps himself!

Taleah loves carrots too, they are one of her favorite snacks.

I heard on Global news there was snow in Crofton this morning? Happy first day of spring :-)


Jean said...

Sharon, apparently someone phoned the news reporting snow here around 5:30 this morning. But I was outside with the dogs at 5:45 and there sure wasn't any. And Eddie and I were walking in cold but dry weather at 9:00.
However, that said, there was either sleet or very wet snow coming down around 7:00 this evening. Wet, white and cold. Ugh.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Way to go, Petey! I think you would qualify as the "underdog" in the opinion of most, and therefore, I am cheering for you. Sorry, Eddie, but I know you were well taken care of, so only a tiny bit of sympathy comes your way :)

georgia little pea said...

Poor blind Petey should have excellent eyesight if he's a fan of carrots! A little too late perhaps.

Eddie was such a sweetheart. I hope he got some extra goodie after that show of generosity. Something like a spoonful of real maple syrup maybe? yum yum.