Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Metamorphosis of Master Petey

You may remember how Petey, my foster dog, looked when he first arrived at the animal control shelter:

Broken Promises Rescue took him under their wing and soon he was looking more respectable:

Then he came to me, where I tried to keep him from shivering by dressing him up, but the result made him look like a little old homeless man:

Where's mah shopping cart?

Yesterday I gave him a bath and decided to try for a more flattering picture of him. He's not the most cooperative model, and many of the two hundred photos I took (thank goodness for digital cameras!) ended up like this:

or this:

or even this:

But eventually we got a few that I think show him in a whole new light. Drum roll, please.....

I'd like you to meet the new and improved  MASTER PETEY:

Is this what you want, Foster mama?

This is kinda boring.
I think this is my coy look.

Here's my serious look.

Will this photoshoot EVER end?

But I think my favourite one of all, albeit a little out of focus, is this one:

Even an old dog  needs to take time to smell the flowers

Now doesn't that look like the kind of dog who will make someone's life complete?

If you are interested in more information about Petey, you'll find these four posts most helpful:

For adoption information contact Broken Promises Rescue.


georgia little pea said...

Why, it truly is a metamorphosis! My favourite picture is the one where Petey does a mop. And the one where he's coy. Over 200! lol he's getting there though.

How was the concert? x

Jean said...

GLP, the folk music was great - all local talent and lots of fun. However, I am SO not a 'go-out-in-the-evening' person - especially when we just switched to daylight savings time last night (do you have that in Australia?), so getting home at eleven was really getting home at midnight once I had changed the clocks. And the dogs didn't like being left, so it was very late (or early?) when I got to bed but that didn't stop them waking me at the usual ungodly hour this morning.

Unknown said...

Ah, he has become a lovely looking boy! I'm hoping he finds his furever home soon!! Those fantastic pictures totally should help!

Happy weekend!
Jen and the mostly black dog crew

EvenSong said...

You [and Broken Promises] have given him a new ease on life! Good work!

Lisa B said...

Love the pic in the brown sweater...he looks like he has a toupee. At least it matches...I've seen humans with worse. What a great job though...and the rest of the pictures show him off quite nicely : ) I love your captions!

Anonymous said...

cute little guy.
He looks like he might have spaniel in him ?

Jean said...

I would think he's much too small to have spaniel in him - he's less than ten pounds and much smaller than my cat (who is a fairly small cat!) - but like most rescue dogs, he's anybody's guess, and probably a result of a mutt being bred with a mutt. I'm guessing poodle-maltese cross though there could be other small breeds like llaso apso or shih tzu in there or even yorkie.

Anonymous said...

Does Petey like leash walks ?
I am just curious.
My spaniel always loved her walks.. to sniff around etc.
even when she was "very" old&blind,deaf etc.

Jean said...

Petey hasn't yet learned the art of following along on a leash - he is totally blind and totally deaf, so new environments are very stressful for him. And of course even a familiar neighbourhood would be 'new' as each person and dog and cat that walks down it leaves their scent.
He does like puttering around the back yard, and now that he is over his dental surgery and beginning to trust again, I have just started him with a harness and leash in the yard - but mostly he just sits there with his head hanging down! :). Perhaps in time he will venture on a very slow very short leash walk beyond the yard.

Laura Carson said...

Oh wow, Jean, he looks amazing! It really is a good thing I'm so far away. I have a serious weakness for small dogs (even moreso when they're old!).

Karen said...

So handsome...