Saturday, March 24, 2012

A sad day for two good friends

Two more loved companions left this earth today. My good friend Else said the final goodbye to her beloved 18 year old cat, Ernie.  I never got a photo of Ernie - he seldom made himself visible when I was there, being rather selective in his choice of companions.  But the very last time I had dinner at Else's, he did saunter in before quickly taking off at the sight of a stranger.  Hugs, Else, I know how very much you loved that cat.

And my dear friend Janice, who runs Hearts on Noses Mini Pig Sanctuary, lost her beloved dog Buddy today.  He was diagnosed with cancer just over three weeks ago, and today asked to be set free.  You can read Buddy's story on Janice's blog, here.  Buddy always made me smile, a big, somewhat clumsy boy who would push against me or look at me with big eyes hoping I would pull a treat from my pocket.  Whenever I arrived at the sanctuary, he would come strolling down the driveway to meet me as I opened the gate to drive through and then would walk along side as I drove up to the  house.

I took this photo of him on my last visit, just days before his diagnosis.


My heart goes out to Else and to Janice; I am so sorry, my friends.

Run free Ernie and Buddy.


georgia little pea said...

It's that kind of week. One of the bloggers I've been following for a very long time just lost his ancient littledog Monty. Then my friend Gracie lost her 17 year old Scabby yesterday.

I hate inevitable endings.

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you Jean,, he is everywhere I look and yet he is not here.

Funder said...

Oh, poor friends. :hugs: to you all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean. Hillary my other cat seems quite lost without Ernie. She keeps looking for him in the places he use to sleep and meowing.

Janice I'm so sorry to hear about you loss of Buddy. It's so sad to loose a dear friend.


Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Awww sorry to hear of the passing of two beautiful creatures. We are sending big hugs.

Anonymous said...

My very sincere condolences to you Else on the loss of "Ernie", and to you Janice on the loss of "Buddy".

There is no greater pain than losing a beloved pet who has been a companion for many years.

Take good care of your hearts.


Anonymous said...

No matter how long they are with us, it's never long enough. Hugs to you both, Else and Janice.

Deb S.

Dom said...

So heartbreaking :(