Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Enchanted Forest

It looks like an ordinary trail.....

But it leads to an enchanted forest....

Where silver jewelled lichen drapes the trees,

And mossy limbs point fingers skyward.

Where  young fawn lilies spread
their wings,

And snow nestles gently on the
hearts of swordferns.

Gnarled old trees gaze down on the river,

As steam rises from the canyon below, 
sunlight flirting with chilly waters.

And a simple moss-covered stump...

Is home to a world full of faeries.

(Notes:  Today's Elder College 'Walk in the Woods' was right in the heart of Duncan.  The Cowichan River below the trail is a popular spot, called Paradise Pools, where families  tube and swim in summer.  The start of the trail is off Cliffs Road near the first big bend - take the muddy, broken boardwalk just to the right of the chainlink fence.  Wear good footwear and take a hiking stick for the slippery parts.  Some of the trails are narrow and hug the edge of the cliff; but a few feet away, ones safe enough for leashed canine companions run parallel.  Watch for trilliums, wild ginger, staghorn moss, fawn lilies and other beauties of nature. )


georgia little pea said...

I love the faerie ring! There's something about mist and wetness that adds magic to a forest.

Swordferns - they look like the ones that grow like weeds in my backyard. I'm so happy to have a name for them :)

What else have I missed in my 10 days away from Blogger and the computer?

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Your nature pictures amaze me. We often hike near our home, but the beauty of the forest here, pales in comparison.

Funder said...

Wow. Just wow. The whole world is so full of beauty - but your corner especially. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Caroline said...

What a wonderful walk! Next time take us further please, I can't get enough of this enchanted forest and I'm not tired at all!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and it is indeed a Enchanted Forest. I would love to take a walk there.