Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Turtle Gardens Guys are here!

Becky contemplates trail at Osborne Bay Park

It's only four more sleeps until the Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue reunion - which is being held here in Crofton. Due to some changes of plans, Yvette won't be able to make it but TG will be well represented by Yvette's husband Dave and helper extraordinaire Brian. They phoned last night from Victoria - I'm expecting to see them some time today.

For those who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, Turtle Gardens is a rescue organization in northern BC, run by Dave and Yvette Labatte. The need for such a rescue is huge - dog culls are still held in northern communities, dogs get abandoned in large numbers, dogs packs are left to run wild. Dave and Yvette take them in, get them well, have them spayed/neutered, teach them some family-living skills, and try to find them homes. Many of those homes are here on Vancouver Island, so the annual reunion, usually held in the lower mainland, is being held here for a change. It's a chance for some of the dogs to reunite with those they were once rescued with or living with at Turtle Gardens, for adopters to meet other adopters, and for us all to meet the faces behind Turtle Gardens.

If you are a supporter, a wanna-be adopter, a looky-loo who wants to know more, or just someone with a friendly dog, come on over! Here's the goods:

Osborne Bay Park
Smith Road, Crofton, BC
Saturday Aug 27th, 12:00 - 2:00

Fields, trails and beach. Just look for the tent. For a small fee, we'll have bandanas and cookies for the dogs, teeshirts and bottled water for humans, and free information.

A few things to know:
  • The whole park is off leash, but not securely fenced so if your dog doesn't have excellent recall please bring a leash or longline.  Let's not have a lost-dog tragedy!
  • Please keep your dogs away from neighbouring properties and the children's camp. 
  • The beach is mucky beyond the initial pebbly part, so wear old shoes if you want to wander very far. There's lots of neat stuff to explore on the beach, so don't let a little muck deter you! 
  • If you have questions about the location or need info about accomodations, email me using the contact link at the side of this blog.  
  • There is no washroom, so pee before you go! (we looked into a porta-potty but decided the time span didn't warrant the money - and there is a public washroom a five minute drive away).
  • Coming from the mainland, you'll find it quickest to come into Nanaimo and drive south.

Coming from Victoria on Hwy 1, turn right onto Herd Road just north of Duncan, the left onto Osborne Bay Road and follow it into Crofton. Just as you enter the village of Crofton, turn right on Adelaide and follow it to the end (where it will be called Smith). When it forks, take the right hand (dead end) section, and you'll see the park. You can't miss it!

Coming from Nanaimo on Hwy 1, turn left at Mt. Sicker Road just south of Chemainus. (Be sure to move over into the left lane at the blue  GREEN bridge - oops). Follow Mt. Sicker the very short distance to the tee-intersection, and turn left onto Chemainus Rd. After a few minutes, turn right onto Crofton Rd (there's a wood stove shop on the corner), and follow Crofton Rd into Crofton. Crofton Rd then becomes Chaplin - head down to the ferry dock, turn right just before the ferry (onto Queen St), go to the top of Queen and turn left on Adelaide. From there, follow the instructions above to get to the park.

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