Friday, August 12, 2011

Fundraiser Friday

(The second Friday of each month is my personal "Fundraiser Friday". I encourage you to select one day a month for your own "Fundraiser Friday" - or Monday or Tuesday or whatever day you please. You can read more about it here)

In a nation where everyone always seems to be busy and where there are always so many things on which to spend one's money, raising money for animals or donating to animal rescues sometimes takes a back seat. Unless you are personally involved in rescue and personally responsible for the bills,  expenses like animal rescue medical needs are pretty easy to ignore...or at least to put off until "tomorrow".

Most, though not all, of the readers of this blog are here because they like animals. And chances are, most, though not all, of my readers support animal rescues/shelters in some small or big way. And we all have our limits. I know financially I cannot do more than I do, and physically I have to make choices about what I can or cannot manage. I also make choices about what I will do, even when it is something within my capabilities and not in conflict with anything else on my calendar. I'm very protective of keeping balance in my life.

But one thing that only takes a moment and doesn't cost any money is to help spread the word - to spread the word about animal fundraisers, to spread the word about the availability of animals in rescues, to spread the word about ways others may help those who are already helping the animals. Rarely does a week go by that I don't find myself in conversation with someone who has no idea there are homeless dogs in places other than the SPCA, who has never heard of dog or cat rescue organizations or pig sanctuaries, who has no awareness that some homeless animals are being euthanized for no other reason than too many animals and too few adopters.

So if you have time for nothing else today, if you have no spare money this week to donate, if your calendar is already full for the month, take just one moment to share with your friends, your family, the kids next door, the six hundred thirty-two anonymous faces on your Facebook page (you know the ones - you don't have a clue who they are but they are a friend of a friend of a friend and so you clicked yes to their request to 'friend' you). Forward a link to this blog if you wish, or the link of  any of the organizations I so often mention here.

Neighbourhood kids getting bored with summer holidays? Last weekend Broken Promises Rescue in Victoria held a car wash. I was only able to help for a couple of hours, but in the six hours they were operating, a handful of volunteers raised over $700 towards the much-needed surgery of two of their latest rescues. Could the kids in your neighbourhood do that? Could they help pay for Buddy or Blackie's surgeries?  Could they raise a hundred dollars washing the neighbourhood cars? Will you ask them?

Know someone with some handy skills like carpentry or electrical or landscaping? Or the owner of a company that offers those services? Can you talk them into donating a day or two, or a bunch of materials, to help out a sanctuary like Hearts on Noses? What about your favourite produce place?  Would they give a case of apples or two to the pigs, or to a horse or pig rescue near you?  Could you, or a neighbour, or that teenager who just got her license and will accept any excuse to drive the car, pick it up and take it to the rescue?

Employed with an organization that has heart? What about suggesting to your boss that the organization take on a project, donate a day's work, or fundraise for your favourite shelter, sanctuary or rescue? Or get them to sponsor you and your co-workers on this year's BC SPCA Paws for a Cause walk!

Like me, I'm sure you sometimes wish you had the time, the energy, the money, the skills, to make the sort of difference that the dedicated directors and volunteers at places like Broken Promises Rescue, Hearts on Noses, Cowichan and District SPCA, Delta Community Animal Shelter, Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue and countless others make every day. But if we all pitch in just a little, if we all find some way to help just for a little while just one day a month, we could make a difference.

The need is endless. But the rewards are many. And all it takes is a moment of your time. One of the people you email or facebook or speak to today may be one who will also make a difference to an animal in need. It takes a community to help an animal in need. It takes a whole world to bring about real, permanent change. No matter where you live, no matter how little time or money you have, you can make a difference.

Without people like you, the animals would not be safe. Without people like you, a lovely old dog like Pepper would have had nowhere to go because shelters and sanctuaries would not exist, and the need for fostering would not be known, and vet bills could not be paid. Without people like you, and your friends and coworkers and each individual who responds to your request today, many more would die in pain, hunger and misery.

Pepper says thank you for spreading the word.

Ah sure hope people help.  Ah wouldn't have this little patch of sun without the SPCA
and mah foster mama!  Thank you fer spreading the word! Luvs, Pepper.

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