Friday, August 5, 2011

Dogs, cats, birds, boats, flowers and fawns and beaches.

Okay, that about covers it - I have a bunch of miscellaneous photos, nothing terribly wonderful, but still worth sharing this Friday evening.

First, the island is full of deer (the bane of many gardeners) and their babies. When my daughter was here, a mama doe and her twins walked in front of our car right in town. By the time we fumbled to get our cameras out, they had moved to a vacant lot, but still visible. Mama doe is hidden in the grasses to the left of the fawns.

Sadly, a few days later, my sister saw a fawn dead by the side of the road at pretty much the same spot. And the next day, I saw mama doe and one fawn in the same location, so I think it is all the same family. People travel the roads much too fast around here for the number of deer - rarely does a day go by without seeing a deer, and rarely a week without seeing a dead one.

On a happier note, a few more photos from my afternoon at Karen's - some of her other dogs. (Hey, Turtle Gardens folks - if you are coming to the reunion Aug 27 and need a place to tent or park your RV, Karen has offered her property which, as you can see, is beautiful, and you can meet allllllll Karen's dogs!)




Quinn and Drew


And, of course, Dolly and Amy

Play time!

One of my reasons for going over to Karen's was to take some photos of Fifa for her. Fifa has only three legs, and her sole rear leg is not that great. So to make things easier for Fifa, Karen and Norm ordered her a doggy wheelchair. They are still in the process of fitting it correctly, so Karen needed some photos emailed to the experts so the fit could be assessed. Here she is in her wheelchair:

"Next I suppose they'll hitch up a wagon so I can haul stuff around for them"

Charley, Sadie, and the new foster Pepper are all doing quite well. Charley has pretty much fully recovered from whatever caused her problems. Pepper is going to the vet a week from Monday to be checked for Cushings, but other than excessive thirst (like, 5-8 litres of water a day!) and hunger (3 times what my guys eat!) and pee (a river, a lake, no.... an ocean of pee!), she is doing well. She has discovered the ocean and the joys of wading in water:

A few more pictures for our walks around town - in back lanes and beaches, in early mornings and cooler evenings. It's too hot for any daytime wanderings, especially for black furry dogs (which is why there aren't any pics of Charley and Sadie in this post..... at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm such a bad mama - photograph everything and everyone except my own furkids!)

Yellow clematis on an old fence
These blue flowers grow EVERYWHERE here!
Cat catching a few rays on the beach
Pepper on the seawalk
Boat in the bay
Nature meets industry
Seagull party
Still waters just after sunrise
Crofton seawalk reflections

Morning sun on flowers


Dawn said...

Lovely photos, Jean. Your pictures of the Crofton area help me to feel connected to the island now that I have moved back to California.

And what a lot of dogs your friend has! Are the two Afghan hounds? I have always thought that they are some of the most beautiful dogs - if one can pick, as they are each beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I recognize som TG dogs there..are they not the luckiest to end up where they are...lovely

Anonymous said...

Have they ruled out diabetes for Pepper -excessive thirst, hunger, frequent urination are very common symptoms in humans.
Love the image of the fawn by itself -so natural looking.Actually there are several others I really like too.
Please, please, please will you take me to meet Karen's dogs next time I visit. Karen, if you read this please say yes.

Big Sis

Jean said...

Big Sis, Diabetes is a possibility for Pepper - she hasn't been to the vet yet at all, will be going on the 15th (earliest we could get her in with the vet we particularly want her to see).
And I'll be sure to take you to Karen's next visit!

Dawn, the two are borzois - and they were both adopted from Turtle Gardens animal rescue.

Anonymous, there are four TG dogs in Karen's crew: Kabuki, Amber, Ruby and Amie. (Amie was orginally adopted by Karen's mother, who has since moved to a care facility.) All of Karen's dogs are rescues adopted from one place or another, and all have forever homes with Karen and Norm.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Jean.
I see Dolly doesn't need any lessons from Tanner on digging holes. She is doing a great job.LOL