Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Small Package, Huge Personality

Longtime followers of this blog may remember Ginger, aka Ginger Snap, a wee pomeranian who was the companion to the late mother of Deb Strong (Cat and Mouse Designs), until Deb's mom had to be moved to a care facility.  From then, Deb and her sister jointly cared for Ginger, with Ginger spending time at Deb's on the mainland, and at Deb's sister's place on the island.  Ginger quite happily moved back and forth between the two, according to which person was available to be her personal slave and which was travelling or caught up with other tasks. 

Little Ginger Snap passed away this week.  She had a good, long life - no, a GREAT long life, and she died as she lived - on her own terms, in her own way,  with Deb by her side.  One day she was going for walks and being her cheeky self, and the next she was gone. 

Ginger grabbed my heart from the moment I met her.  She came to the farm one day, when I was still living in Mission, and used her charm  and her energy to run circles around the other guests at the Garden Pawty - the first of several get togethers involving Deb, Sharon, Ellen, myself and our canine companions. She charmed us all.  She bossed us all around.  She quivered with excitement and she chattered away in a nonstop stream of little squeeks that clearly said "Feed me. Now!  Pay attention to me. Now!  Give me that cookie. Now!".  She was a hoot - I was constantly smiling when Ginger Snap was on the scene.

And now, I am betting, she is commanding plenty of attention at the Rainbow Bridge.  And all the angels are smiling.

Run free, Ginger Snap.  You will be very much missed.  My heartfelt condolences to Deb and family. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, THAT was Ginger Snap, the one and only. I remember that day in Mission so well. We were all under her spell and loving it! And ohhhh, how she milked it.

She will not be forgotten!


Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

What a beautiful & loved girl Ginger was.

Anonymous said...

I saw Ginger Snap just a couple of days before her passing, and she looked content albeit frailer than the last time I had seen her, perhaps a couple of months earlier.

I'll miss her on our walks down at Campbell Valley Park, usually in Deb's backpack. That tiny package commanded the attention of everyone she met. You're right Jean, she had a GREAT life.

My deepest condolences to Deb and her family.


Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Ginger Snap and Deb's beautiful Collie and her delightful kitty when I was at her home picking up the portrait I had commissioned her to do ...Ginger Snap was still living in her own space with Deb's Mom but put up quite a racket when she realized company was there and she demanded to be introduced..I too was enchanted with her...all of Deb's four legged companions have a wonderful home full or part time and I appreciate hearing that this wee one went over quickly ..blessings to Deb and her family..RIP little live wire..


Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your blog today Jean and saw this. Thank you for the lovely tribute to our wee Ginger Snap. It's one week since she left us and as you can imagine, she is very sorely missed. She left an indelible mark on all who knew her and for such a tiny dog she left very big emptly spaces in the hearts of her family. She will not soon be forgotten.

Deb S.