Friday, September 25, 2009

Wednesday Walk

Hiking across the delta
Wednesday was hot and dry, the weather goddesses apparently forgetting it is September. Midsummer temperatures bungie-jumped into the middle of a colourful autumn day. Four humans and eight dogs set out for a day's adventure.

We headed for Swallowfield, where water dogs Tess, Hugo, and Archie love to dive off the rocks into the deep pools of the gently-flowing river. A light breeze teased us into going further - across the delta to the estuary where the non-diving dogs could paddle around in the shallow fingers of cool blue water lazily wending its way to the sea.

The delta hovered between greens and yellows - not ready to relinquish summer, yet clearly hearing the voice of fall. Rosehips are everywhere, replacing the endless blossoms of wild roses of the spring and summer. The red on green gives a Christmassy appearance to the landscape. An apple-pear tree gone wild is loaded with fruit almost ready for the picking. The Hawthorne blackberries are ripening, and while not as sweet as their earlier cousins, they still provide a tasty snack.

Fall colours on the delta


Apple-pear tree

Pears against the sky

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At the estuary, a plum tree on a high spot between two rivulets offers its globes of sunshine for the tasting. The humans are glad of the sweet refreshment, and the dogs are glad of the cooling waters.

Arriving at the estuary

Sweet yellow plums

Water play time

Wolfhounds on the berm

Charley tests the water

The Dog Who Doesn't Like Water (hah!)

It was hot, and before long, some of the dogs were ready to rest:

Beach Bum Charley

Archie, Watcher in the Woods - er, mudbank

I need a beer!

A good day of fun, friendship, fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and canine companionship.

"Ya do the hokey-pokey...."

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