Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy week, busy weekend.

I have a zillion "half-blog posts" written, either on my computer or in my head, and dozens of photos needing my attention. I have been so busy I can't even remember where last week went. But Friday, our friends Ellen and the Whippet Boyz arrived for the weekend, Saturday I took off to a deserted off-leash beach with Sadie and Charley (the whippet boyz were at a lure-coursing meet), and today I attended an SPCA workshop. In between, I worked on some arrangements for the transport of a rescue dog and wrote countless emails regarding the gas box situation here in North Cowichan. And I completely forgot to phone my mom, who must think I've fallen off the edge of the earth since moving over to the island.

Too tired tonight to post all the pics or tell all the stories, but here are a few images for you:

With the spare room occupied, Sadie and Charley had to find a new comfy spot to sleep. NEVER get up to go to the bathroom in the night when you have two big dogs vying for your nice comfy space:

The couch was kinda crowded too:

But who could awaken this sleeping dog?

This one I took as future blackmail insurance. Kinley is a whippet. He races. He is NOT a fat dog. But doesn't he look rather like a very chubby rodent in this pic?

Cisco wasn't letting his mom out of his sight. Here he is waiting in line for the bathroom - he was quite sure there was a trapdoor in there his mom might escape through.

I'll post pics of our fabulous beach walk tomorrow. But here's a teaser, to keep you coming back:

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Anonymous said...

Sadie and Charley are bed-hogs! You need a king sized bed, Jean.

At least Cisco and Kinley use the couch!!