Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The slightly blurry, rather busy, nose-smudged Paws for a Cause photos

We were up early on Sunday, in time to see this amazing sunrise over the roof of our neighbour's trailer:

Else picked up Sadie and I and off we went to Bright Angel Park in Duncan. There were lots of people already registering when we arrived:

Dogs of every shape and size, every colour, every breed were there:

All shapes and sizes

Little dogs

The big and the small

Teeny dogs in cute vests

Tri-coloured beauties

A fine looking rotti

Boxer puppies!

Piper the Bedlington terrier

Brindle Mastiff - named Sadie!

Sadie, meet Sadie!

Pampered pooches who ride in pouches

Or not - Little Miss Independence!

And there were shelter dogs looking for homes:

Tara, who wants a home of her own

Marshall, who also wants a home of his own

There were local people and visitors. This young man, Billy, is twelve. He is an exchange student who arrived from Korea just a couple of weeks ago. He has been studying English since he was 9, and his speech is excellent! He was a bit nervous of Dolly (one of our Wednesday Walk dogs) at first, but soon they were unseparable. It was sure nice to meet you, Billy.

Billy and Dolly

We headed off through the trees and up the hill:

Across the fields :

And back to the main gathering area,, where we chatted and ate and bought doggie stuff and played games and won prizes.

And many of the Wednesday Walking group waited patiently for their people:

Keeping an eye on each other

Well this sucks!

Sadie took a rest in the leaves:

And Tess and Archie waited patiently :

Quinn, too:

before we headed off to the river for a swim :

Honey, this lovely golden retriever/lab cross, couldn't get enough of the water - even though she didn't seem to like being soaked right through:

Soggy doggy

Even SPCA dog Elmo, who really, really, really needs a home (I love this dog!) got to join us at the river:

Everyone had a great day, and most of all Elmo, Tara and Marshall who got a day of freedom from the kennels at the SPCA. Know anyone who wants to adopt some lovely

Again, thanks to all who sponsored Sadie and me, financially or in spirit. It was a very good day, for a very worthwhile cause.


Sheryl said...

The photos are great! Looks like everyone had a good time.

In the second photo of the Pom, is that a snake in front of her?

Maybe my eyes deceive me?


Jean said...

LOL - Sheryl, I see what you are looking at. If it was a snake, it was a dead one because it sure didn't move. However, I think it is just a dead twig fallen from a tree above - the kind that has all the rings around them.

Anonymous said...

Jean you got some great pictures of our Walk. It was such a fun day and Tess loves her Wubba that she won in the Toonie fetch.
The 6 SPCA dogs that attended had a great day and got a lot of interest expecially Elmo.


Anonymous said...

great pics of the paddle rd dogs. what a nice way to relive a great day. i was so proud of dolly and billy. they were amazing together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean -glad the walk was a success. Why did the group choose a forrested path rather than a street area where people might notice them and learn about paws for a cause? Is it a safety or permit issue?

Your pictures turned out fine especially the close up of the dogs. I want to meet them all!

Big Sis