Sunday, March 22, 2009


Writtened By Oliver

This weekend our mama took Belle an me on an adventure. We wazn’t too sure about this, cuz she left our sisters behind an she loaded the car wiv stuff like books an’ furniture – not stuff ya need fer a walk on the dike!

But we loves car rides, so we said OKAY!

I gotta tell ya, Princess Belle is a bit of a ……well……um……a bit of a PRINCESS. My mama put her in the car on one side of the back seat (which was made all safe so we couldn’t fall off!), and then put me in the other side. Well, the Princess didn’t wanna share!!! She snapped at me – now you tell me, waz that nice of her???? That girl has sheltitude! Me, I’m just a nice easygoing guy.

Mama finally had to solve the problem by putting our rainjackets between the two of us so Belle would quit pickin on me. I stayed on my side and she stayed on her side. But she still made faces at me:

We went on a big boat. I remember the big boat – the last time I was on one was when I first came to my Mama Jean. When I saw the boat this time, I was wondering what was up!

Our mama explained that we is all going to move in a couple of months. And Belle and I are speshul ‘cuz Mama’s showing us the house before she shows our sisters Charley and Sadie. We likes it – it is SPRING there! We saw all these flowers in the front of our new house:

Belle decided she liked the back yard – she trotted right over to the grass and lay down. She wasn’t even interested in coming indoors!

Mama sez I’m not to show the picture of the shed in the back yard, ‘cuz The Piggy Lady might get ideas……

But guess what??? There’s already a piggy at our new house! Auntie Else says he is our guard pig, looking after the place ‘til we move in.

He thinks he might like the shed. That's okay wiv us, 'cuz the back yard’s not big enough for all The Piggy Lady’s piggies!

Auntie Else came over to meet us, and then we all went for a ride in the car again, and then for a walk on a trail. Later, mama took us for a walk around our new neighbourhood too. Belle and I don’t think much of walks when we hasta keep mama on a leash so she don’t get lost. We like our pasture better. But mama sez we’ll get used to it. Right now, mama sez we “dawdle”. I think that means we drag behind and then we park our butts on the sidewalk and won’t move. Mama was getting a wee bit frustrated wiv us sometimes I think. Maybe she shud bring homemade liver brownies to bribe us with! Does Belle look happy here?

Then we got to have a sleepover. We each found a bed – I got the travel crate and Belle took the basket and Mama made a bed for herselfs on the floor. At least, that’s where we each were at 10:00 PM.

But at 1:00 AM, Mama woke up and – hehehehehheh – found me snuggled on her bed beside her. I like it when mama’s bed is down on the floor!

The next day we went for another, walk.... around town and then got back in the car for the trip home. Princess Belle fell fast asleep so I put my head on her side of the seat! Heheheheheheh! I am such a big tease!

So now we are home again, at our old house. Charley kept sniffin me to find out where I’d been.

Mama sez maybe next trip she will take all four of us. I dunno – mama’s funny floor bed isn’t very big and Sadie and Charley are pretty big dogs. Mama might hafta sleep in my travel crate instead.

Mama sez I hasta get off the computer now because she haz anuver story to tell.

Love, Oliver. XXOOXOX


Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Oliver,

Always the gentleman that you are, thank you for sharing with us all your adventure this weekend with your Mom and Belle. I know you will all be very happy together in your new home, and that you will learn to enjoy your walks on leash in your new neighbourhood.

Oh, and please tell your Mom I loved the pictures of the spring flowers where you will live, we all need spring so much!


Anonymous said...

Oliver that was very nice of you to keep your Momma company on her bed. You are going to give that guard pig a run for his money.