Friday, March 20, 2009

What? No new entry all week????

Oops, sorry.......Rain isn't the best setting for taking pictures of happy critters, and the last month of the semester isn't the best time for creative writing. I marked 72 essays this week, and just calculated that in the next five weeks I have 142 more essays to mark, 3 exams to make up, 30 hours of lecture to present, and 108 final exams to grade. UGH. Part of me wants time to FLY so the semester will be over and I can begin packing in earnest, and part of me is in panic mode thinking of all the paid-work stuff I still have to do.

I'm off on another quick trip to the island this weekend. This time I'm taking the two little dogs with me as I start to get them familiar with their soon-to-be new home. I will get to sleep in my new house for the first time, albeit on a foamy on the floor! It will be interesting to see Belle's and Oliver's reaction to having me sleep at ground-level. They already have some dog beds over there, but I wonder if I will have two little shelties snuggling up to me at night?

Once again, Ellen will be piggy, alpaca, cat, and big dog sitting for me. I am so deeply indebted to her I cannot possibly repay her for all she has done. Oh.....I know! I'll leave all the critters to her in my will. They are, after all, PRICELESS!


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip Jean, enjoy your first night in your new home, and I hope Belle and Oliver will snuggle up with you tonight!


P.S. Athough I sure wish she would snuggle, my old Sheltie gal never does, she's independant and I suspect doesn't want to share any body good luck!

Black Jack's Carol said...

It's an exciting thing, sleeping one's first night in a new place. And that first walk with the dogs should be quite the adventure. I hope you, Belle and Oliver have a happy weekend.

Patience-please said...

What a special adventure. I look forward to reading all about it! (And I hope the dogs snuggle... maybe you can borrow Cisco!)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Ellen will appreciate your generosity Jean. ROFLMAF.

Else and the Crofton gang.

Anonymous said...

Hahaaa, NO other dog snuggles like a whippet does...

Else, Jean doesn't know it yet, but I'm allowing her to keep her crew and I'll be adding a couple more to it on certain weekends. Every lure coursing event on the island is marked on the calendar now... with a big "staying at Jean's - no need to call ahead" beside it. And she'll be hosting a lovely wine and cheese for thee and me on each of these weekends. Hehehheeeee... what fun!!!