Thursday, December 28, 2017

My Practically Perfect Christmas, by Maggie

I waz good this year!  I made Santa's "NICE" list!  I did, I did!  Mama said if I was a good dog, Santa wud sneak into our house Christmas Eve and leave gifts fer me, and HE DID!  Boy, that was excitin' !

Santa  came!

Anyway, Mama is busy putting the Christmas decorations away, so she asked me to be a guest blogger today.  So I will tell you all about my Wonderful Marvelous Practically Perfect Christmas Day.

It started to snow Christmas Eve.  Mama was a bit worried in case she couldn't drive to Auntie Pat's on Christmas Day like she'd planned.  Instead, we woke up to perfect conditions - just a couple of centimeters fresh snow to make the world look bootiful, but warm enough that the roads (which the plow cleared during the night) were wet and  free of snow or ice.

The tree on our patio (which Mama decorates at Christmas and calls "Oliver's Tree" after a sheltie that died the day she got the tree) looked very pretty with the snow.  The hummingbirds were cold, but mama filled the feeders for them, and also put out suet cakes for the other birdies.

But I'z getting ahead of myself.  The first thing we did after getting up was check out the presents!  There waz a stocking for Allie and a stocking for me and even a stocking fer my Mama (though I happen to know the pressies in that stocking were mailed by one of Santa's elves in California.  Mama says Santa's sleigh gets pretty heavy with all the gifts for good little dogs and cats, so the elves and the postal service help out with gifts for grown ups).


Anything more in there?

Want some help, Allie?

My mama made the "NICE" list, too! 

 Allie also got a new cat condo from Mama (but she got it early because it waz too big to wrap), and I got a new food toy.  I likes food toys. This one waz pretty easy, 'cause my treats are a lot smaller than the hole in the ball.  I just hasta spin that ball with my paw and - poof - treats appear!

Allie checkin' out her new kitty condo

Me an' my new toy.  It's made by Kong.
Ya gotta spin the blue ball inside the red ring to make the treats fall out! 

After we opened our stockings and had brekkie, Mama and me went for a loooong walk around town and all along the seawalk and down on the beach. (Oh, yeah, Mama bought me somethin' else fer Christmas - boots!  Fer her paws, not fer my paws.  They has special non-slip crystals embedded into the sole and they works GREAT so now she can still take me on my walks even when it is snowy and icy! She doesn't like  those things you slip over your boots - Yaktrax - cuz they is deadly when ya hit pavement, but these boots are just fine.)  Anyway, Mama put on the magic boots and off we went.  The sun waz shining, the snow waz glistening, and everythin' was real pretty!

Crofton Beach Park

Mah Mama's new boots work good, even on the seawalk! 

Some peoples decorated a tree on the beach,  It has lotsa pretty things on it,
like this toy soldier. 

Mama liked the way this ornament looked with the snow on it.

Mama says this is a plover, probably a semipalmated one though he still has his summer plumage.
She thinks he was too small, short, and fat to be a killdeer. 

Even I know this bird!  It's a seagull! 

The sunlight made fer nice reflections of the ferry and other boats.

I was tired when we got home, which was fine because Mama went over to Auntie Pat's for a midday Christmas dinner.  I didn't go because I am just beginning to learn to visit other peoples without freaking out, and besides Chrissy (Lexi and Cosmo's older sister) might not ap-preesh-iate the intrusion.  But I know that's where Mama went 'cause I snuck a look at the photos on her camera.

Mama said they had Seafood Oscar and some drunken mushrooms and
that Auntie Pat had to bake the potatoes twice! 

Lexi, checkin' out other guests arriving

You know my buddy Cosmo.  I hikes with him and Lexi. 

This is their older sister, Chrissy.
I think she's mom's favourite.
Probably because she's almost the same colour as me!

When Mama came home, she broughts me 'n Allie gifts from Auntie Pat, and she brought home sum leftovers too (but she didn't share the grasshopper pie with me, nor the rum cake.  Hmmmph!).  She took me fer another walk, an' then she feds Allie and me, and later we all went to sleep. 

It was a Practically Perfect Christmas, dontcha think?

Love, Maggie.


Anonymous said...

Well Maggie, sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Am sure there will be lots more of them with yur mama...
oh oh my three wish you and yur mama a very Happy New Year, may it be even better than 2017 was...and next time I come over maybe you will take another treat from me?????yur anty M

CarolineA said...

Sounds absolutely perfect! You were THAT good!
Can your momma share the name of her booties please?

EvenSong said...

Practically Perfect in every way!

Marie said...

sounds like a perfect way to spend Christmas, you even had an afternoon nap!
Ask your momma to please share the name of those boots as Sparkle and I live in the land of ice and snow! well done, Maggie!

Jean said...

Caroline, the boots I chose are Windriver Cascade Winter Boots with Tarantula Green Diamond Treads, available from Mark's. (I paid $159 plus tax, but they are apparently on sale this week and/or next for $119). My research told me there are two types of treads which work on ice according to independent testing by a rehabilitation research hospital in Toronto: one is the Tarantula Green Diamond, and the other is Vibram Arctic Grip. The top boot for women was Sperry's Powder Valley Polar Ice Grip, which is also sold at Marks, but it is too tall for me and didn't seem to offer as much arch support. You can check out the results of their study (which seems to change daily, as the boot I choose is no longer showing up in their list of ones tested) at .

Sheryl said...

It sounds like it was perfect in every way, Maggie. Happy New Year to you and Allie and your Mom.