Saturday, December 9, 2017

Foggy days

We've been fogged in for a three days now.  Two days ago it was so thick, we couldn't see the old RV park wharf from 20 feet away - just a solid wall of white.  This morning was a little better:

I don't mind the fog - I find it restful, providing tranquility and solitude - though I prefer not to drive in it, especially at night time.  But for morning and afternoon walks with Maggie, it is quite lovely - the deep bellow of the ferry's horn as it slips unseen through the waters, the shadows and shapes that emerge as we walk along the seawalk, the haunting sounds of  a myriad of waterbirds calling to each other in the bay.  Mags and I often spend a good hour down there, just listening and watching and dreaming.

Quite the contrast from the amazingly rich fall colours of the photos I've been working on for another post - but just as beautiful in its own comforting way.


CarolineA said...

That is a gorgeous picture!
I can picture you two strolling along, smelling and seeing all there is.

Sheryl said...

Lovely photo. Looks rather ghostly.

Marie said...

Hi, Jean, While I can appreciate the beauty of the seaside with the foggy mornings, I'm so happy not to drive in such dense fog! I want to wish you and Maggie a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead. Best Wishes!