Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Flicker of Hope

I have only myself to blame - I take too many photos and then find the task of selecting and sorting them into some sort of cohesive tale for the blog just too darn overwhelming.  That is what has happened with my fall photos - we had such a long, colourful, marvelous fall that I took hundreds  (possibly thousands) of photos and can't decide which ones to use or how to group them.  I will try to make some decisions in time to post them before the Winter Solstice, which is fast approaching.  Fortunately, I have at least two days without plans between now and then.  So there is hope.

Meanwhile, let me share some photos I took yesterday of one of my favourite backyard visitors.  As the weather cools and the days shorten, I find the Northern Flicker frequenting my yard daily to feast on the suet cakes hanging among the evergreen honeysuckle vines on the back fence.  They are timid birds, tending to fly off as soon as I open the door, and because they always fly away from the yard I've been unable to capture the beautiful spread of  brilliant orange under their wings and tail that shows only in flight.

But I was fortunate enough to be able to slip out on the back porch and capture these photos of the Flicker on the Fence (and later on the feeder).  Even when there is only a hint of the orange among the feathers, they are still a strikingly beautiful bird.  Enjoy!


Marie said...

What a beautiful bird! I have never seen or heard of it before so thank you for the lovely pictures! Just like all of your pictures, they are very professional!
Merry Christmas to you and Maggie!

CarolineA said...

wow that bird is gorgeous. I will have to google it now to see the orange. Love the markings on it.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pix. Have only seen one in my yard this year so far.... guess if I actually put up food the birds will come! LOL M