Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy 13th Birthday, Emma!

Thirteen years ago today, a wiggly, happy yellow lab was born, and a few weeks later she came to live with my then-spouse and me.  She still lives a joyful and well-loved life with my ex.  The first photo was taken at about three months, shortly after she came to us;  the second photo was taken on my last visit with her in May of this year.

Emma, early 2005

Emma, May 2017

And, since it is the first day of December, which in my household officially marks the start of the holiday season (decorations come out, Christmas music is played), here are a few photos of her on her second Christmas (her first with us), December 2005.

She knew exactly which stocking was hers!
(The other dog one was Charley's)

Her new Christmas toy

Whaddaya mean, there's no more cookies?

Emma, exxhausted, at the end of her first real Christmas

Happy December, and Happy 13th Birthday Emma!


CarolineA said...

Happy belated birthday Emma. You look very well loved!

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Emma. You are gorgeous!