Friday, January 13, 2017

Waitin' fer Spring

Hi, Mitzi here!  It's been a long cold winter on the island - long and cold fer this piece of west coast paradise, anyways.  I'z had to wear my red sweater, and sometimes even my big thick winter coat, every day.  Spring can't come soon enough!  It's been around freezin fer weeks now, and even though we hasn't had much snow, the frost is cold on mah paws and it doesn't melt even during the day.

Mama Jean gots a bag of spring bulbs from her friend Liz fer Christmas.  I dunno, there's sumthing I really likes about them.  I think it might be the colour:

I helped Mama Jean plant them on New Year's Eve.  She fed them some bone meal.  Dat made me laugh - DOGS like bones, not flowers!  Silly Mama Jean.  Still, it's a good thing she planted them when she did, cuz now she has a mangled wing she wouldn't be able to plant them very easily.  And I sure do want to see those spring flowers popping up through the ground, because that will mean the ground won't be frozed any more.  Mama Jean says they need 8-10 weeks in the cold dark dirt, so we might not see any flowers for a while.  At least they've gots bones to snack on unnerneath all that dirt. I think she should have given the dogwood tree some bone meal too.  DOGwood - BONE meal.  Get it?  I mades a joke!

These are mah flowers in mah pots.  I helped, so I gets to share them. 


spackminder said...

Hang in there Mitzi. Spring is less than 70 days away. It's gonna start to rain in a couple of days so the frost should go away too. I hope yer momma's wing heals quickly.

CarolineA said...

Mitzi, I am looking forward to seeing a beauuuuuuutiful picture of you amongst those flowers once they are in bloom