Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!

[Cue music:  ♪ ♪ ♪ Tra-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen ♪ ♪ ♪]

Mitzi is sixteen years old today!  We decided to exchange letters on this momentous occasion:

I'll just dictate mine to mah scribe, please. 

My dearest Mitzi, 

When you came to me, four years ago, little did I know how quickly and completely you would steal my heart. My love for you just grows and grows, and there isn't a day goes by that you don't make me laugh.  In the past year, your health has actually improved both physically and mentally - I love that you connect with me more, invite me to play with you several times a day, chase me around the house with loud barks and little squeaks, and make your wishes - whether it be for a walk or some food or for company at bedtime - clearly known.

Play wiv me, Mama Jean!

You are more demanding, more sassy, more talkative, more active than ever before, with your tail always wagging, and how happy I am to be able to say that!  Our bond has deepened exponentially and I can't imagine life without you. Happy birthday, my beautiful, sweet, sassy Mitzi. I love having you in my life and in my heart.

Love, Mama Jean


Dear Mama Jean,

Today I is SIXTEEN!  Sweet sixteen is a term that fits me perfectly.  In human years that is 112, which is even older than you are.  My vision and hearing may not be as good as yours, and sometimes my brain gets muddled or my legs don't function as well as I'd like - but your brain also gets muddled and your legs (and arms!) don't function that great either.  We is a good match, don'tcha think?

Anyway, on the occasion of my sixteenth birthday, there are a few things I would like to say to you:

1.  Thank you for adopting me when my Mama Anita died.  That will be four years ago on Monday. At first, it was hard for me to feel comfortable with  those other dogs galloping around (and especially that Eddie who used to bowl me over), but now that I am an only dog, I am truly home.

2.  Thank you for unnerstanding that I am a PRINCESS (and have the sign to prove it!) and should be treated as such.  That means personal chef services, doorperson services each and every time that I even think I might want to go outside or come back in, treats on demand, frequent clean bedding, etc. Princesses hasta be treated royally.

Mah Auntie Mary gaves me this fer Christmas.
'Bout time someone acknowledged mah status around here!

Yeah, yeah, whatever.
B o r i n g !

3.  Speaking of treats, thank you for finally discovering that I love, Love, LOVE the cat's favourite treats - Temptations!  And thank you fer making sure I get my fair share.  And fer keeping the cat away from me while I eat them!

Oh Gawd Say It Isn't So!!!

4.  Thank you for my daily walks.  We may be slow and may not go far, but I love to sniff sniff sniff all the wonnerful smells out there.

Ahhhhhh, such good smells!

5.  Thank you for my frequent spa dates.  You know how I love my groomer and love to feel all clean and tidy.  Princesses have to look perfect, you know.

This waz last year's picture.
I wents to the spa today, but Mama Jean hazn't been able
 to get a good picture of me yet. 

And now that I have shown your readers just how sweet I am, I have a few birthday requests:

1.  I'd like a new orthopedic mattress please.  Mine is getting a little worn and thin.
2.  More Temptations.
3.  Do I hasta eat dog food?  Couldn't I just eat kitty treats and maybe some homecooked meats and steamed carrots?  Just don't try to add anything to that homecooked meat - I only like it plain. Or with carrots.  Keep the yucky potatoes and other veggies on yer own plate.
4.  More Temptations.
5.  Come to bed when I tell you to, not when YOU want to.  If I want to go to bed at 8 PM, then that is when I need you, my personal security guard, in the bedroom with me.  How else am I supposed to settle down for mah beauty rest?
6.  More Temptations.

Thank you again fer lovin' me.  I like to make you laugh when we play chase around the house and I play bow to you.  You are a very fortunate human to have me in your life.  We is a good pair.

Luv, Princess Mitzi, 
Age: Sweet Sixteen. 


CarolineA said...

Happy birthday Mitzi! Our Moose will eat a few Temptations in your honour. Yes, he likes them too though he is a thousand times bigger than the Temptations! His feline family is not that forgiving though and if they catch him eating their treats ...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday fwiend Pwincess Mitzi. guard Tarben, court jester Huli, co Princess Chi

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Mitzi. You're looking really good for 112 years old! :)

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Mitzi! You sure look good for your age!!! Of course you are a Princess, how could anyone think otherwise. Greetings from Sparkle too!!!!