Monday, January 16, 2017

Deja View

It's been a long while since I walked the loop around my town and down along the sea walk.  Mitzi's not a fan of the seawalk - she didn't mind it when she had good vision and good hearing, but as her senses become more impaired, encountering large dogs and grabby hands on a boardwalk over the water is not her idea of fun.  But the seawalk was always a favourite walk for most of my dogs, and especially for my early risers like Oliver and Shiloh who enjoyed our alone-time watching the sun rise over the bay.  Mitzi's idea of early rising is getting up before noon.  No sunrises for that girl!

Shiloh's sunrise
(Not likely to ever be seen by lazybones Mitzi)

Today, as I'm still not able to return to hiking or swimming, and am badly in need of exercise, my friend Sally and I decided to do the loop - the long cold snap finally broke, the ice in town has gone (though not on forest trails), and the sun was trying to make an appearance.  I can't raise my right arm to my face to use the camera, but I took it along away and shot from the hip - or a convenient rail or post.  So..... not the best shots, but as I've not posted any of our bay for a while, I figured you wouldn't mind having a sense of deja vu view!

View from Crofton Beach, looking towards the mill and Shoal Islands

We spent some time watching the ducks enjoying the milder weather

Anchored sailboats, with Salt Spring Island behind.

Another sailboat at anchor, with cargo ship in background.
The mountains beyond are the North Shore mountains of the mainland.

And, lastly, the familiar view near the start of the sea walk -
old posts and broken wharf from days gone by. 


CarolineA said...

Can't get enough of that gorgeous view you have!
Hope the walk did you good and that it now stays mild so you can get out more. Dang that stupid paw of yours eh

Anonymous said...

Your injured wing has not impaired your natural photographic talent. Beautiful shots. Hope you can join us in the pool soon....
Tarben, Chi and Huli say they are on Mitzi's side. Day does not begin that early!! Only get up at 8 a.m. for breakfast (don't want to miss THAT) then back to bed until a descent hour. (Noon is good)....M